Extra Points: Takeaways from Day 2

Some extra observations, sights, or notes from Day Two of Fall Camp.

Just a few takeaways to mull over until SCPlaybook gets you information from the latest practice...

First, there's been some confusion about incoming freshman and offensive lineman Aundrey Walker's weight. Lane Kiffin credited his talent last night, said he has a lot of potential and great feet. He also gave the infamous number. Let it be known that, for now, Walker is 6-6, 364.

An extra-extra tidbit, Walker is currently sporting a mohawk with copper tint. Receiver Kyle Prater started the trend last week.

Second, incoming freshman cornerback Isiah Wiley has been getting a lot of one-on-one attention from coaches the past two days. Interesting to note, because the cornerback position already has quite a bit of depth. The coaches obviously see a lot of talent in Wiley.

Third, receiver De'Von Flournoy showed his abilities Friday with leaping grabs and long-yardage catches. Cornerback Anthony Brown was on him most of the time, and while Brown was always a step ahead of him on his route, Flournoy managed to catch the ball on numerous occasions. Flournoy is one receiver that might not get a ton of playing time because of the depth at this position, but it wouldn't be because he isn't able.

Fourth, Torin Harris was utilized a lot as a fifth defensive back when the Trojans were in their nickel defense. That's not entirely surprising because he's listed as third on their depth chart behind Tony Burnett, but it shows their faith in Harris despite missing this past spring because of a shoulder injury.

Fifth, Amir Carlisle is slowly becoming the talk of the town. He goes full out on every play, and even Kiffin praised the incoming tailback Friday night. One of the coaches said earlier in the practice "put somebody faster on Amir Carlisle" because he kept outhustling defenders.

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