Extra Points: Takeaways from Day 3

Some extra observations, sights, or notes from Day Three of Fall Camp.

Just a few takeaways to mull over until SCPlaybook gets you information from the latest practice...

First, the two most vocal, in-your-face guys on defense in three days have been Chris Galippo and Jawanza Starling. They're setting the tone for a no-nonsense fall camp. Starling got into receiver Kyle Prater's face after he didn't go full out on a route (but this was just after a play where Prater stiff-armed a defender on a great pass from Barkley).

Second, the first day in shoulder pads didn't affect tailback Amir Carlisle's abilities. The defense was tough on him, but he managed to break through tackles and show a squirminess-like quality that earned him some impressive yardage.

Third, there were tons of interceptions. The most noticeable came from linebackers Shane Horton and Will Andrew and cornerbacks Nickell Robey and Anthony Brown.

Fourth, defensive ends Devon Kennard and Wes Horton split time while Nick Perry looked on, giving the veteran some snaps off. Kennard played rightside and Horton left, but Kennard made some impressive plays and caused a lot of confusion in the offense. It would be hard to imagine Kiffin sitting Kennard for long the way he's been flourishing at end.

Fifth, incoming linebacker Anthony Sarao got some reps, as did incoming receiver Victor Blackwell, two freshmen whose names haven't been the most talked about in this incoming class. Blackwell had at least two catches for 20-plus yards.

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