Quoting Kiffin: Wednesday Practice

USC head coach Lane Kiffin talks after the first of Wednesday's two-a-day at Howard Jones Field.

--"Chris Galipoo MRI today, we'll get results on that. Jesse Scroggins still out with the hand, he'll see a hand specialist. During practice Aundrey Walker had a hip strain, Tony Burnett an ankle and Amir Carlisle a quad issue. So we'll push these guys through and be out tonight for a full practice. This was really kind of a shorter practice here in the morning without pads without special teams work so not a lot to really report."

(On Aundrey Walker's injury being concerning)
--"I don't think so. He said he was moving around okay, we sent him down there to lift and do stuff with our trainers and our weight guys, so I think he'll be alright."

(On Chris Galippo getting an MRI today)
--"It's the same thing we do no matter who it was, with anybody. Make sure that we're going through the proper things with Xrays and MRIs and doctors and it doesn't seem to be severe through the first reports."

(On Robert Woods' performance this Fall Camp)
--"He's been good, not great so we got to make sure that we're still pushing him, he's pushing himself to make sure that he's going to the next level not just being one of the top freshmen in America but being one of the top receivers period, in America. So we'll continue to do that, we limited his play in preseason game one and we still want him to continue to improve."

(On Brandon Carswell's consistency)
--"Yeah Brandon has done really well, probably would be a frontrunner for MVP in camp as far as doing things right, making plays. [He's] extremely improved from where he was a year ago. So it's great to see, stories like that in every program when you stay you play. And sometimes guys who don't come in maybe on the top of athletic ability compared to some other guys, stay long enough, mature physically and mentally, and by the time they get [in] their fourth or fifth year become productive players."

(On Markeith Ambles' absence)
--"Summer school ended yesterday so we're just waiting until he posts grades."

(On whether the grades are why Ambles has sat out Fall Camp thus far)
--"Yes we want to make sure he's eligible, we don't want to bring him out here and then he'll be ineligible, he'd be wasting reps."

(On Curtis McNeal's academic future)
--"Same thing, until they're posted. But he has a real good feeling about his situation."

(On defensive line potentially performing well this year)
--"I hope so. I was surprised last year that the numbers weren't better. You know especially in similar situations [in the games where we] were ahead. I was surprised that the sack numbers weren't better. You know Jurrell [Casey] was very productive but guys were banged up throughout the year at different times. We never really got a rotation going where guys could really be great at the end of games."

Armond [Armstead] will be a key to that. Armond puts us in a perfect spot, rotation wise. If he comes back that would help us. Right now we're really good in rotation so he can help us especially in what we can do on third down, moving people around."

(On a timetable for Armstead)
--"No I don't were just going to continue to wait until we hear that information from the medical staff."

(On whether a cornerback opposite Nickell Robey is standing out)
--"No Torin [Harris] being out clouds that picture a little bit. We were hoping to have a better feel for him, see him play, so hopefully he'll be cleared here so we can figure that out. Nobody has shown themselves of the other guys."

(On whether D.J. Morgan has been more ‘on the radar')
--"Not really because as you look at it he went into the game, started, and put the ball into the ground early, which is very disappointing. I mean every once in a while the ball may come out, but not like that. It wasn't a big hit and that was really disappointing. I thought he played much better the second half I thought he got some nerves out I thought he was kind of big-eyed the first half but I did think he performed well in the second half. But that's going to be a very exciting competition, even without Marc [Tyler] being here right now, and if he comes back, to add him to the mix. And Amir [Carlisle] I think surprised a lot of people by coming in here and being so productive and picking things up."

(On Marc Tyler's status)
--"Nothing's changed. He's still just trying to get himself right and making sure he's doing the right things and we'll come back to it eventually."

(On Tyler's disciplinary hearing today with judicial affairs)
--"That has nothing to do with us. We don't have any part of that, or anything to do with that. That's a student issue."

(On whether Kiffin has been in contact with Tyler)
"Yeah I've seen him. He comes in and works out so I've seen him around. Seems in good spirits and trying to do things right to get back."

(Will Andre Heidari be the place kicker? Who will have the punting job)
--"Andrei will be the place kicker, kicked well last night, two nights ago in the Coliseum. The punting job is open so we'll let both guys punt and see where they're at. And if they're even, and probably because of the situation coming up you guys know about with scholarships, we'll look to redshirt the snapper and the punter."

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