Quoting Kiffin: Friday Fall Camp

USC head coach Lane Kiffin talks after Friday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

--"Okay, continuing to mount. Tyler Grady, Christian Heyward, Zack Kuznir, Christian Tupou, Bryan Baucham, Tony Burnett T.J. McDonald, Demetrius Wright, Dion Bailey, Chris Galippo coming back to do a little bit, still a ways away. Cody Temple, Jesse Scroggins, Christian Thomas, we've already talked about Gio [di Paolo] is done for the year. Carlisle came out with a quad, Farmer with a back, McAllister with a hamstring and Townsend with ribs. Tomorrow we'll back off a little bit being the day before the game and excited to get to preseason game two so we can see these guys again out now that they've had one game under their belt and really try to figure out where we are after that."

(On whether any big name guys will be back for game two)
--"I think they're all different situations I doubt Chris [Galippo] will be all the way back, I think he will be able to do stuff but not in that format, I think he'll do some practice stuff. And T.J. [McDonald] will just be day to day."

(On whether Kiffin had this many guys out this time last year)
--"Probably not. Being the number difference of where we're at and so, we're getting thin, but it's the decision that we made, of the direction to go, and we fight through it and get them back eventually."

(On what Kiffin would like to see out of Kyle Prater that he hasn't seen)
--"Consistency. The way he's in his second year now even though he didn't play, I want him to be consistent in all the little things that he's doing. He's still got some freshman tendencies going on and I was actually hoping he would be ahead of his game this time now that way just from having a year of being here but then again he didn't practice very much during that year in his defense."

(On what Kiffin thinks of an NFL team coming to LA)
--"I don't really follow it very much. I think it would be great in general, not knowing very many of the details. Just to have the NFL back in L.A. Maybe the Raiders will be coming."

(On whether he would coach these Raiders if they came)
--"Nope. I have my dream job I'm happy."

(On any runningbacks who are standing out)
--"I would say Curtis [McNeal] is a little ahead when you put everything together now that he's eligible he's even playing better. I think the weight off his shoulders, you know having a year of that, and so he's probably the most complete right now when you put in understanding all the protections so I think he'd be a little ahead."

(On the expected runningback rotation)
--"We'd like to have two guys and that balance would dictate on how far they're separated, whether that's 50-50 or 75-25 just depending on some games are different. You know, a guys is hot, and so we try to get to that but we're not going to force that if it doesn't happen …if figure it out then we may have to rotate but that's not our ideal situation."

(On whether Curtis McNeal would be the number-one guy right now)
--"Haven't even talked about it yet. He'll probably be the first one up tomorrow and we'll see after that practice."

(On Scroggins' situation)
--"Yeah he had surgery on his thumb area and hopefully he'll be back soon."

(On Scroggins overcoming adversity)
--"Well first of all that's been our message to our guys with the probation and the bowl games and all the stuff taken away from them is that you know life is not fair and things happen and adversity happens it's how you deal with it and this will not be the worst thing that happens to them even though they thought at the time it was so bad and they're going to have a lot of worse things and so same thing with Jesse [Scroggins]. This is a minor setback and how will he deal with it. Will he utilize the time to get better in the classroom or will he sit around and feel sorry about himself. What I've seen of him he's ready to go, he's ready to get better as much as he can."

(On if Kiffin knows who will play behind Barkley in the second preseason game)
--"We don't yet. We'll do that after practice just tomorrow all these reps and questions about that, we don't do that until right before."

(On who is standing out so far)
--"On offense we do this every day. Amir Carlisle has done extremely, Curtis McNeal, Rhett Ellison has done everything we've asked him to. Matt Kalil and Khaled Holmes have done the best up front followed by Kevin Graf. The three defensive ends have played extremely well in Wes, Devon and Nick. Lamar [Dawson] has played great being as young as he is. Dion Bailey has made a bunch of plays as well. In the secondary, Nickell was the star he seems to never tire. Demetrius [Wright] looks like the real deal but we need to see him in more games."

(On who is really developing as a player)
--"Curtis has come along way, probably further, Curtis has come further than anyone in our program from the day we got here. There were a lot of questions whether Curtis would ever make it in our program, you know with the early morning stuff and the discipline and the offseason training, there were a lot around who didn't think he was going to make it. You know he was really struggling with our program and so to see his turnaround and where he's come is, that's why we do it, to have special stories like that."

(On whether Kiffin feels good about the Trojans' physical shape)
--"I do. I believe that we're a lot further along than we were a year ago. For two reasons. One being [we're in] the second year of the program but more than anything being the way that we're practicing. The downside is, all the guys over there in ‘Muscle Beach' that were practicing. So we got to continue to push on and get the guys back when they come and in the meantime the guys that keep pushing out there are getting more reps."

(On whether Kiffin has regrets on the increased amount of contact)
--"No regrets this has been a full speed decision. I just couldn't do what we did last year. You can't do the same thing and expect different results and so even if it would have worked, you can't do that and then go out and put your defense out there and if Minnesota starts coming up the field and missing tackles then you can't blame them, you got to blame yourself. Don't be stubborn and just try to do things just because so I hope that this is better, puts us in a better position by the time we get to the opener even though it's not a better position for us today, physically."

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