Quoting Kiffin: Wednesday Morning Practice

USC head coach Lane Kiffin talks after the Trojans' practice Wednesday morning.

--"Matt Kalil didn't go after coming out hopefully he'll be back, so really the same guys, we are getting a few guys back, some guys pushing themselves through. So that was good to see. Not a whole lot of stuff from this morning's practice and well have a much better and more physical practice tonight."

(On whether Chris Galippo re-injured himself)
--"Yeah he's done that twice, twice he's fallen, yesterday morning, even in the walkthrough, and yesterday afternoon, he got hit in that same shoulder."

(On whether there is a possibility Galippo might miss the season opener)
--"No I don't think so. I would anticipate him playing in preseason game three."

(On status of tailback D.J. Morgan)
--"His MRI was negative, just really sore. Can't come out and go full speed yet…[it was] a bruise."

(Christian Thomas update)
--"It was kind of in the middle. It wasn't something extremely serious but he's sore from that so we're going to have to retest him when he comes back."

(On whether that's a concern so many main guys are limited right now)br> --"There's a concern there. Right now if we had to play today there's a chance that those three would be out there, three freshmen, you got to have guys like T.J. McDonald, Nickell Robey, the veteran defensive linemen step up and make plays, because those [freshmen] are going to make mistakes but you got to live with it and it's good they're getting a lot of experience right now and they'll be better for it partway through the year."

(Why passing game struggled at the end of last year)
--I think there were some variables, I think we played some better defenses number one, than we played earlier in the year. Then we lost our quarterback for a game and a half there and the right tackle, so I think that had a lot to do with it too and our numbers showed up later in the year. Having so few guys and playing so many snaps they wore down towards the end of the year. So we weren't fortunate [in] two things: one, to have enough numbers to sub like we'd want to, like we did before and two, to have enough blowouts where we could have taken them out. So I think it was a combination of all those."

(On whether he is concerned about Robert Woods' injury)
--"I think he prepares so well mentally that him missing as many practices as he is is not as of concern as it would be with some other guys but still, you got to play. You go back to Dwayne Jarrett's first game, I believe it was Arkansas when we went down there, you know he was banged up the whole camp if you remember and went down there and got beat up pretty good in that game and didn't play very well so that's just a reminder that no matter what you've done you got to get out here and do it…It is it's a worry for me [about his injury] but I've been assured by our people that it's not, that he'll be fine."

(On whether there's an update on Marc Tyler's status)

(On what Kiffin thinks of Rhett Ellison's performance)
--"Great. Rhett Ellison has had an unbelievable camp. Special teams, fullback, tight end, receiver, everything. I couldn't be more pleased with him and probably the best story of camp so far, of what he's done and where he's at from a year ago. His value to our team, his leadership, he's just awesome is the only way to put it."

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