Extra Points: Takeaways from Thursday

Some extra observations, sights and notes after Thursday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

First, the Trojans did a number of redzone drills with all three quarterbacks (Matt Barkley, Cody Kessler and Max Wittek). Wittek's knee looked like it gave out on a play, the same left knee in which he already wears a brace. But he appeared to play fine for the duration of practice.

Second, Dillon Baxter received the most number of repetitions for a tailback Thursday. He got stopped before the goalline a number of times during the redzone drills, but returned punts pretty well and ran a good amount during the two-minute drill.

Third, Torin Harris is getting a lot of looks with the "ones" at cornerback. Harris is a guy Kiffin mentions often, although he said he still needs to see more play from the redshirt sophomore after he missed this past spring nursing an injured shoulder.

Fourth, tight end Junior Pomee was playing on special teams in punt coverage. Tightends coach Justin Mesa was paying special attention to Pomee, and various defensive coaches shouted words of praise and motivation at the freshman during the drills.

Fifth, Brandon Carswell truly showed his toughness Thursday. The redshirt senior was playing on two injured quads. Despite this, he caught a number of passes throughout the day, impressing the Tampa Bay Bucs scout present (Browns and Chargers scouts were also in attendance) at practice with an acrobatic one-handed grab.

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