Quoting Kiffin: Friday Fall Camp

USC head coach Lane Kiffin talks after the Trojans' Friday practice.

--"Okay not a lot of different injuries, normal crew. Still out J.R. Tavai, Kusnir, Marshall Jones, Cody Romness, Galippo still no contact. D.J. Morgan, Christian Thomas, De'Von Flournoy, Kyle Prater no contact and then some guys came out during but I don't think any of them were that severe. I thought guys for a very long, full padded, heavy contact, tackling drills, came out and practiced pretty well physically. I wish we'd been better mentally on the penalties and the defense in the long drive scenarios that kept drives alive. A fourth and 13 conversion is disappointing but I thought physically guys did pretty well."

(On Robert Woods being back today)
--"Yeah did some things. Looked good at times, isn't all the way back, so hopefully he'll be back by the game."

(On whether Kiffin and his staff will manage Woods differently than others)
--"Yeah we already have. For instance today, today maybe somebody that didn't have the background on offense like he, that we would have pushed even more, but it's too important to make sure he's right physically, because I think he'll be right mentally."

(On how Kiffin feels about the kicking situation)
--"Much better. Feel good, because the strength of the leg is drastically different. Now he's never done it just like the last guy hadn't so until we get in there we'll never know but we feel better about the distance and the strength so we'll see."

(On whether Heidari is going to be the kickoff guy)
--"Most likely, he is."

(On what Kiffin attributes the high number of penalties seen today)
"I don't know we'll see it's just those long hard practice, long drives, and you got to stay focused, maybe those are penalties you're not making when you're alternating scenarios every four or five plays but when you put them in those settings they're out there for eight, nine, ten plays in a row that's what the games like so we're going to have to master those situations."

(On Isiah Wiley's performance today)
--"Yeah it's just all new to him. Initially he was going to be a spring guy, so that would have helped him tremendously. And so to come in, he's still learning everything but you can see a lot of talent there in the interceptions that he makes."

(On a Javorious Allen update)
--"No deadline. No update. We're still waiting on him to finish all his stuff and his stuff go through the clearinghouse."

(On whether Marqise Lee will wear number one)
"No. I think he's always wanted to wear number nine." (On Kiffin's opinion of George Farmer's performance)
--"I think George has done well, he's beat up, he doesn't have a major injury but he's got a lot of little things and he's really pushed through, very physical and I think he's one of those guys that shows up in games because he's so big and physical and sometimes maybe in certain drills as much as he will in a game setting. So I think he'll do some good things this weekend…yeah very happy, very pleased with his approach to the game. Obviously that says a lot for Serra High School. All three of those guys have come in over the last two years and really focused, disciplined, accountable. It's great to have."

(On Abe Markowitz' performance)
--Playing both spots, you know that's a hard thing to do and so he's doing very well. Hopefully he does well this weekend. But Abe has impressed us."

(On when Kiffin expects to have the two guard spots solidified)
--"I don't know. Too many variables. They're going to decide that more than we will, based on how they play, especially in the game coming up."

(On John Martinez' performance)
--"John has been up and down. He's done some good things, we just need him to be more consistent."

(On whether the team has been consistent)
--"We're up and down, just like I'm sure everybody around the country right now. Hopefully we'll get these things figured out after this weekend, put guys into places that they'll be for the opener, and get guys ready."

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