Quoting Kiffin: First Practice of Fall

Lane Kiffin of the USC Trojans talks to the media about his team, listing notable injuries, observations or opinions on various players.

Zach Kusnir and J.R. Tavai still out, Brian Baucham limited, Marshall Jones out, Charles Burks out, Christian Thomas is out, De'Von Flournoy out, Junior Pomee will have surgery today, he'll be out for the year, broke his foot. During practice Dion Bailey, Taylor Ashton, Curtis McNeal and Kyle Prater came out, I don't think any of those are that serious. Note on Junior [Pomee], thought he was doing great the little time that we had him so we're excited about getting him rehabbed back and hopefully he'll be ready for the spring."

(On whether Junior Pomee's injury happened during the scrimmage)
--"That did happen during the scrimmage, yeah."

(On whether Markeith Ambles transferred)
--"Yeah Markeith is no longer with our program. We wish him the best of luck and we're moving forward and hopefully he does good things…He is not in school. He has withdrawn from school."

(On how that process with Ambles went)
--"I met with him and he's no longer with us so we wish him the best of luck. I'd rather talk about the players on our team that are out here."

(On whether Jesse Scroggins was out there)
--"Yeah he was. Right over there somewhere. This morning he had to go get a check up on his hand early, and then came out probably through practice."

(On whether there is a prognosis or timetable on Scroggins)
--"No we're just hopefully he'll be back soon and it's good to have him back in the meetings, learning the stuff as well."

(On whether anything popped out to Kiffin after seeing film from the scrimmage that he didn't see initially)
--"Well Marqise [Lee] we saw that initially, but he was great again today so he's doing well, learning his plays so he'll be in there and hopefully we can continue to expand his role.

(On whether any of the up-in-the-air positions have been finalized)
--"No, no. We're still going, today was just a normal practice tomorrow we'll go into [planning for] Minnesota and start moving people around a little bit more. Today was just like what we've been doing."

(On how Kiffin feels the quarterbacks are progressing)
--"Feel great. I think both of them could go in and play for us right now, which I'm almost shocked that I'm even saying that. I'm really excited about both of them."

(On whether Kiffin likes the morning practice format)
--Yeah I do. You know we get out here, they get, they're not dragging in the middle of the day at 4 o'clock and now they get everything over with, they've been here since five this morning and now they go to class."

(On whether Kiffin will approach future practices differently after the third scrimmage is now over)
--"Yeah we're still physical as we were today in a lot of aspects, we won't have a scrimmage format again but our practices are still extremely physical we just stay off the long scrimmage format."

(On whether D.J. Morgan will start after running with the "ones" for some time)
--"Those guys are all just rotating through and Curtis [McNeal] unfortunately didn't do much today and so we're still just trying to figure it out but it was good to see him play because he could have held himself out."

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