Quoting Kiffin: Wednesday Fall Practice

Trojan head coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the media after his team practiced Wednesday at Howard Jones Field.

--"[Brian] Baucham out, [Marshall] Jones [was] back, [Dion] Bailey limited, [Chris] Galippo "basically out," [Jeremy] Galten out, [Curtis] McNeal limited, [Christian] Thomas out, [De'Von] Flournoy out, [Charles] Burks to have knee surgery Thursday."

(On Abe Markowitz going in for X-rays on his "other foot")
--"Obviously we hope that [foot is] okay because Abe has had a great camp."

(On Chris Galippo being limited)
--"He goes through some of the stuff with us, but it's no contact. Some of the walk-throughs and alignment stuff. His shoulder just continues to get banged up when we put him out there and we have to take him out. So we have to try to rest it."

(On the NCAA compliance ruling while Kiffin was at the University of Tennessee)
--"We've been instructed that until it becomes public not to comment."

(On Marcus Martin coming in today and playing at left guard)
--"He did well. When Abe went down, [Martin] actually was going with the ones in there. I think Marcus has a great future here. I think he's a very talented athlete who really loves football. We're just excited to continue to get his weight down. I think he's down 14 or 16 pounds already."

(On Marc Tyler practicing for the first time today)
--"It's the next step in the process of Marc hopefully coming back. This isn't a major step. He's not cleared for the second game. It's just something that we had in place as he goes through this process, the number of steps. The next one was to bring him out here. We threw him down on service team for the most part; got a couple runs with the twos there. We'll see. This is still all up to Marc. This changes nothing regarding his playing status. We'll just mix him in there some in practice, especially with the service team, so he'll get beat up down there going against our one defense."

(On whether positions for the Minnesota game are more defined)
--"I wish that we had it a little bit more nailed, and then Abe going out today confused it a little bit. It's just part of what everybody goes through. Hopefully as we get going, everybody's back. We did put in all first- and second-down stuff today for Minnesota, get a head-start there. Our first shot with our service teams, teaching them how we need to give looks and pulled some guys from different spots to help us out. For instance, using George (Farmer) as their quarterback to give us somebody who's big and fast and strong. It was good to work through that for the first day."

(On whether Cody Kessler will be the backup quarterback)
--"We have headed down that direction. I know both of them, we have great confidence, could go in and play right now. This was not a big competition that Cody won necessarily. It's just what we went with, to give him the "two" snaps. Regardless of whether he was to play as a two, good bad or indifferent, whenever Matt leaves, the competition will be wide open. We'll start over, because we have great confidence in both of them. … We went with Cody. I know it's abnormal to hear, but it really is not a reflection on their play. They both played so well. It could be either of them."

(On if Kessler playing with the second team will lead Wittek to redshirt)
--"We don't know. Ideally, we'd love to redshirt both of them. There's just all kinds of scenarios that can pop up that we're ready for and have different answers for. Ideally, the best one, is to keep the No. 1 guy healthy and hopefully win some games and let Manoogian hand the ball off at the end and keep them both redshirted."

(On whether redshirts have been decided)
--"Nothing's been finalized. You obviously have to move in that direction. But we're not having a bunch of redshirt conversations right now because there's too many variables still. We saw one today. Some people would have been saying Marcus Martin would be redshirting 24 hours ago, and today he was in with the ones. You never know. … Remember the process. It's not like you file a redshirt. If they don't play, they redshirt. Some of these things go through a couple weeks of the season. You don't have to make any definite declarations."

(On Charles Burks' injury)
--"He'll be out for the year...Yeah, I believe it is [an ACL] and there's some complications with it."

(On whether incoming running back Javorius Allen will be at USC soon)
--"They're still in the process of working everything through the Clearinghouse. If he gets cleared, then he'll be here."

(On Robert Woods wearing a no-contact jersey)
--"His elbow is pretty banged up. It's really big. We just don't want to take any more hits on it."

(On Marqise Lee)
--"He's competing to start right now. He continues to put together great practices, one after the other. It's very unusual to see somebody able to do that, a true freshman not here in the spring."

(On when Kiffin would like a set roster)
--"A month ago. Really. That's the reality. You want to as soon as you can. But you can't do it until you know. Until it shows itself, it's hard to do."

(On Amir Carlisle's abilities that stand out)
--"[His] maturity. Preparation for the game. Very similar to the two guys last year who had the great freshman years in Robert Woods and Nickell Robey. Their approach to the game. I've said it before, it's so rare for true freshmen to make an impact, regardless of how physically talented they are, unless they are mentally prepared and driven and focused, because there are so many distractions as a freshman. Ninety percent of the freshmen go through those. Very rarely do you find guys like this who are so focused."

(On whether Carlisle reminds Kiffin of any player)
--"Not really. Not necessarily anyone we've had. He is really physical, but he is a little bit slight. But I think he's going to have a great future here."

(On whether Kiffin has nailed down two starting tailbacks)
--"No. We still haven't figured it out. D.J. Morgan at times is 50 percent, 75 percent, 100 percent, so we don't know. Curtis [McNeal] seems to be banged up every day with something. So no, we don't."

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