Quoting Kiffin: Thursday Fall Camp

Trojan head coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the media after his team practiced Thursday at Howard Jones Field.

--"Taylor Ashton out, Brian Baucham out, Chris Galippo out, Abe Markowitz very limited, De'Von Flournoy still out so it's good we're starting to get some guys back we'd like to have everybody back as we enter this week which leads us into the final week before Minnesota, Kyle Prater, Christian Tupou and George Farmer came out during practice. I thought guys were pretty good [today], this is a normal Wednesday for us, unfortunately we had two turnovers, two too many, always try to pitch a shutout on this day. But I thought guys worked pretty hard and we'll keep plugging through."

(On whether today was an intense practice)
--"It should be. Because we haven't practiced that way. It's a Wednesday for us. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days, should be the hardest days of the week, harder than the game so it's our job to make sure we're creating an environment of what it needs to be."

(On where the defense is at right now)
--"I think they're improved. I feel like they're tackling better, I feel like we're lined up better, we gave [away] way too many explosive plays in the passing game Sunday at the Coliseum which was unfortunate because we had been doing a better job against that lately."

(On how much of Minnesota game plan is installed)
--"We have done first and second down we have done third down and tomorrow we'll do redzone and goal line."

(On whether there is an official No. 2 quarterback)
--"We have moved that direction with Cody [Kessler] as I said yesterday. Really both guys have played great. This has nothing to do with who will be the next quarterback whenever Matt [Barkley] leaves. It will be an open competition and we're very excited about the way both of them have developed and played as freshmen for us."

(On where Jesse Scroggins fits in amongst the quarterbacks)
--"He'll be in the mix, whenever that time comes we'll go back to that. Hopefully he'll be back here soon. We were excited about his progression prior to his injury."

(On how Marc Tyler is progressing)
--"Looked good. Obviously it's a transition from working out to putting pads on, with players so really tried to beat him up on service team and push him and make it game-like down there. I saw the tape yesterday, I didn't see today, obviously, because I wasn't down there. It's just part of the progression."

(On Marcus Martin)
--"He's really had a great week. I think in the last two weeks he's down 18 pounds. In really is playing well, so it's something we got to force in there to see does he end up redshirting or playing for us."

(On where Dillon Baxter is on the depth chart)
"We don't have one right now, we're just, especially at that position they're just mixed in there, they're still plugging away. Unfortunately we don't have an answer there for you."

(On how Kiffin feels about offensive line)
"I don't know. I think it's still the same issues. I think we're still figuring out the guard spot, the consistency there. So it's a work in progress."

(On when he plans to come up with a clearer line)
--"I'd love to know weeks ago, but I don't. So hopefully soon."

(On whether Kiffin hopes to have it settled by this week)
--"I'd like to yeah. Yeah we definitely wouldn't like to be in gameweek, still shuffling around."

(On whether Antwaun Woods has been cleared by the NCAA)
--"He is. He's deemed a final qualifier. That was good, he actually got sent home twice throughout this process and brought back both times so this is the final one."

(On whether anyone else is under review)
--"Yeah Greg Townsend is under review, so they have to make a final decision…no he has not practiced all week."

(On how much we will see of George Farmer)
--"Don't know, still trying to figure it out. We do know Marqise will be there. Still trying to figure it out with George [Farmer] The concussion sent him back, not having contact for a number of days there, so we're still trying to figure it out."

(On D.J. Morgan's progression)
--"Yeah D.J. is becoming more consistent where we feel better about him. He still has got to pick up the protection side of things, which is hard for all young running backs but he's practicing harder and better. Hopefully he'll have a great week and start of next week."

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