Quoting Kiffin: Sunday Fall Camp

Trojan head coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the media after his team practiced Sunday at Howard Jones Field.

--"Okay. Taylor Ashton out, [Brian] Baucham out, [Abe] Markowitz out, Christian Thomas did a little bit but still basically out and De'Von Flournoy out. For the most part other guys did stuff, worked in there, [Chris] Galippo did a little bit but kept him out of some stuff. Soma [Vainuku] came out, with a migraine. Aundrey Walker [came out because of the] heat. Cody Temple [with a] back [injury] and Cyrus Hobbi knee [pain]. I thought guys practiced pretty well. Glad that we're out here at this time of day. One of our warmer days, more like what we'll be in six days from now. So it's good to see, tried to really push them through in full pads, thought they responded well. They voted on captains today: [Rhett] Ellison, [Matt] Barkley, [Christian] Tupou and T.J. McDonald. So proud for those guys happy for them as they lead this time in this season."

(On whether Galippo will be "good to go" for the Minnesota game)
--"I don't know. We'll see. They have the day off tomorrow and we come back with a Wednesday practice on Tuesday so we'll need to see more of him in."

(On playing more guys at more times)
--"We want to. We want to do that at a number of spots. So we're going to try to go into the opener like that and that's up to our backups of making sure that they're ready to go and that we have confidence in them. Even if there's a step down from where they're playing, the whole point is that they're ready to go and that a guy that may be a little bit better that's the first unit but if he's playing 70 plays he can't play so going back, we don't want to happen what happened last season. You take the first three games last year the offense scored on their last time they touched the ball three times. I believe three drives over 60-yard touchdowns and watch those things, we're gassed, we're dead. So we can't let that happen again."

(On whether Will Andrew is considered the third middle linebacker behind Galippo and Dawson)

(On whether John Martinez has the edge at right guard)
--"Yeah, yeah it is. John is doing well. Hopefully he can continue to improve there and play really well next Saturday."

(On the left guard spot)
--"Yeah nobody will take it. We keep trying to give it away and nobody takes it so, we threw Jeremy [Galten] in there today, which is where he was some in the Spring so we'll see how that film went."

(On who will take that starting tailback spot)
--"I do not. I thought Curtis [McNeal] looked good today, probably the best of them today. So we'll go back and look at it and figure it out by Saturday."

(Any other positions that have been solidified)
--"Not really. Just really made decisions about that we're going to play a lot of guys. And so, we have some close battles and we'll look at, they'll be some positions that you'll see Saturday that will be 50-50 and then they'll be some positions that aren't as close, it'll be 75-25 and so our goal is to get him to 50-50 but if one guy is that much better a player, then we'll go 75-25 so hopefully we're not wearing anybody out, especially on defense."

(On Dion Bailey' s absence)
--"Um, he did have something I can't remember what it was. Oh yeah, I'm sorry. His dad got remarried and so he had to go to his wedding."

(On whether Kiffin favors a senior over a freshmen if they're the same)
--"Not because we're going to have them for four years but if they're even at this point, usually that means in a couple weeks from now they won't be and so if a freshman has pulled himself even with a junior after 20 practices usually that means he's going to pass them up because the junior has been here for a long time. So it's not because we have him longer or anything to do with recruiting, it's just, that's usually what happens. If they're already even, usually the freshman is going to be that much better, 2-3 weeks from now."

(On the reaction the guys had after Kiffin gave them a day off Saturday)
--"I think it was good, and it was well deserved. I don't think we could have physically practiced. That would have been five days in a row then come out here for a Tuesday practice I don't think they could have physically done that and had practiced well at all today so it was good, it was well deserved, they had the day off. They got to eat some food that's not extremely healthy, finally, went to Roscoe's [House of Chicken and Waffles], chose my word wisely there, so they were excited about that. Coach O[rgeron] bought it for them, so they were pleased."

(On why John Martinez has become more of an assured starter as of late)
"Consistency. John had done some things well but been inconsistent at times and so there was, it's been really good to see him develop and do things right and be more consistent."

(On Armond Armstead's status)
--"He'll have some more tests later this week and, in preparation for the tests, they don't allow him to do any physical activity the week leading up to it."

(On whether Armstead will not play in the season opener if he's not practicing)
--"I wouldn't say that. It will depend on his tests later this week."

(On whether Armstead will have enough time in pads, etc. that will clear him to play)
--"Yeah he wouldn't be able to start for us and play 70 plays or something but he can play a limited role."

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