Extra Points: Takeaways from Sunday

A few observations, notes and quotes from the Trojans' Sunday practice at Howard Jones Field.

First, Zack Kusnir has been moved back to defense. Originally he'd been a defensive tackle, but was playing for a bit at tight end once Junior Pomee got injured and Christian Thomas rehabbing. Ross Cumming moved to offense the same day as Kusnir, but he has stayed put at the tight end position, at a spot that has three assured starters ahead of him in Xavier Grimble, Randall Telfer and Christian Thomas. Neither are listed on the lastest depth chart.

Second, according to The Weather Channel, it was a recorded 91 degrees at the hottest point Sunday. There were cold blankets available to players, and water ran out toward the end, but only a few were severely sidelined by the heat. But at one point I heard a linebacker say, "how great is cold water. I love water."

Third, Lane Kiffin praised tailback Amir Carlisle Sunday when he yelled "a true freshman is kicking the crap out of fifth year seniors" after Carlisle performed well in a drill during the session.

Fourth, a few notable players on the scout team simulating Minnesota included Max Wittek as quarterback for a few snaps, Marc Tyler, Ryan Henderson and Victor Blackwell.

Fifth, Jesse Scroggins threw the ball at least 50 times with his left hand at practice. He wasn't in pads, but his effort to come out, gain mental reps, and build confidence by throwing with his non-natural hand shows the redshirt freshman is a competitor.

Extra Extra Point, Jeremy Galten was the GOTD--guard of the day--at the left Sunday.

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