Travel with the Trojans

Travel on board the Coast Starlight train for the Trojans game against Oregon on September 22nd.


WITFAWN TOURS has put together a terrific train and plane travel package for USC fans wishing to attend the Trojans road game against Oregon on September 22nd.


The trip begins at Union Station on Thursday, September 20th with a traditional rally and march behind the Trojan band on the way to board the Coast Starlight. Is the Trojan Train an event? ABC News thought so. A film story showing the band and interviewing the rooters aired on the ABC affiliates throughout the West Coast. Our Trojan Train chugs out of historic Union Station at 10:00 am and then stops for mini rally's while picking up Trojans at stations along the way. The Trojan Train can be boarded at any of it's stops north of Los Angeles. Videos are shown on the trip of some of USC's greatest football games recorded from network broadcasts beginning with the 1972 national championship season, the unforgettable 55-24 victory over Notre Dame, and most all the memorable come-from-behind victories. Our train arrives in Eugene on Friday, we watch the Trojans and Ducks on Saturday and return by plane Sunday.  The Trojan Train sells out.

Coast Starlight Train

Since the trip is overnight, Trojans select from a variety of bedrooms
aboard the train and enjoy their meals in the dining car.  The Coast
Starlight has two lounge cars.  The Sightseer Lounge, allows for great
viewing with its panoramic windows.  But, wait until you see the new
two-level Pacific Parlor lounge car, with its walnut paneling, movie theater, couches, armchairs and attentive drink service.  It feels like being on a cruise ship that goes "clickety clack."

from Travel and Leisure Magazine "Two of the most wonderful views, which last for hours, can be seen only by train, because no roads come anywhere near either one. The first is where the tracks are so close to the ocean that they seem at times to be cantilevered out over the breakers rolling in off the Pacific Ocean. That is your lunchtime backdrop. The next morning you'll find yourself swooping through long, misted curves that hug the sharp side of plunging gorges high in the snow covered Cascade range."


The train sells out quickly, for rates and further details on the trip please send a mailing address to Ken Cotler of WITFAWN TOURS at Ken Cotler Email Top Stories