Quoting Kiffin Last Practice Before Minnesota

Trojan head coach Lane Kiffin speaks to the media after his team practiced Thursday at Howard Jones Field.

--"Okay Abe Markowitz still didn't practice today, did some moving around off the field. Amir Carlisle as well and De'Von Flournoy. Hopefully we'll have all those guys back, we'll continue to push them through tomorrow and Saturday morning. Hopefully they'll be available for us. Other than that it's time to go I feel like these guys are ready to play and they've had a very good camp and a lot of hard work so it's going to be interesting to see. There's so many unknowns in this because we have so many players that have never played before in so many significant spots. In one sense it's going to be exciting to see how they perform in the environment of the Coliseum versus a tough opponent."

(On whether Kiffin has named a starting tailback)

(The team cheered when the three horns blew. Kiffin on what that meant:)
--"Well just in general really the last couple days they've just had great energy about themselves and for morning practices and practicing against each other, that can get old. Even in the meetings in the morning at 6 o'clock in the morning they're here and they're ready to go. I've said it before-I don't know how many games, wins it's going to equate to but this team is very together. It's interesting to see. [There's] very few individuals, [it's] a very team atmosphere and they're going to be very competitive."

(On whether Galten and Martinez are the surefire guards)
--"I don't know that for sure. Regardless of who plays we'll probably rotate guys in no matter what."

(On Armond Armstead's status)
--"Nothing new. He still has not been cleared."

(On the status of Javorius Buck Allen)
--"I believe buck will be here this evening and will be enrolled in school in the morning. As long as his plane flight comes on time."

(On Kiffin's expectations of Barkley)
--"Really smart decisions. We know that he's extremely accurate, we know that he can make all the throws. Just to continue to lead and make those decisions and not force things and let his emotions get into it. Just because we get a turnover and we're in the redzone, don't force balls. Check it down, and let us line up again and play for another snap. Take care of the football."

(On what Kiffin is most concerned ahead of Saturday)
--"Offensive line by far. Really as you look at it you have one player in Matt Kalil that has played the position that he's going to play Saturday in a significant game. Everyone else has never even played in a game or not been in a significant snap or, with Khaled [Holmes], played a different position. So that's a huge question mark."

(On Kiffin being nervous about the production from the offensive line)
--"Sure. Yeah especially because it's one thing when the receiver plays bad or somebody on defense but when your offensive line plays bad, it affects the health of your quarterback so we're very concerned about it."

(On why the scout team jerseys were powder blue and gold)
--"Nothing big. Just had a service team for the looks of the other team and it's a rivalry around here so hopefully they'll be motivated to get off service team [then] hey won't have to wear the powder blue jerseys."

(On whether the jerseys were symbolic)
--"Not really. We were bored."

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