Extra Points: Takeaways from Tuesday

Extra news, notes and observations from Tuesday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

First, Marc Tyler was officially reinstated Tuesday, and got a lot of repetitions his first day back. On a big play where Tyler ran for about 20 yards, the defense was electric, shouting "I see you Mark, losing that weight."

Second, Jawanza Starling had the (only) pick of the day, intercepting a screen pass intended for Brandon Carswell.

Third, two days after Lane Kiffin had a conference call with tailback Dillon Baxter and his family, he had an impressive practice. Baxter visibly worked harder than he has in previous practices and Kiffin said he was impressed with Baxter's ability to take the criticism.

Fourth, Martin Coleman started at left guard with the ones in place of Jeremy Galten. He said he had no idea he was going to play. Coleman after Tuesday's practice: "You never know what's going to happen. You might get a chance like me, I rotated in with the ones today but tomorrow Jeremy might be in there. It's the coaches decision so I'm out there giving it all I have and competing."

Fifth, De'Von Flournoy was back at what looked like full speed, taking a good amount of repetitions and working with the other receivers in bump and run coverage.

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