Quoting Kiffin: Practice 2 of Gameweek 2

The Trojans' head coach opens up about Marc Tyler, the Pac-12, his postgame comments after Minnesota and more from Wednesday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

(On Marc Tyler being reinstated)
--"He's been doing things right like he's supposed to do, has been a good story so far so hopefully he'll continue to do that, he'll come back and have a successful year and learn from this experience.

(On whether Tyler is an essential part of this team)
--"Well I don't know that. We'd like to have him played but the other guys did well. Our numbers didn't show up that well because of the taking the knees and the fumbled snaps but I think we were 4.6 yards a carry so, obviously we can get better, and Marc could help us if he's right."

(On how Kiffin plans to work Tyler back into the lineup)
--"Well we'll see how the rest of the week goes, he's practiced really hard so we'll mix him in there some, most likely, and see what happens there in the game.

(On what Tyler brings to the table)
--"Size. The rest of our backs were little guys, all under 200 pounds and so there's good things about that because of the long speed and potential for home runs but at the same time too, those short yardage situations we came up a couple times short on the big back has a tendency to make those."

(On whether USC will play only two running backs)
--"Yeah I don't think we can this week because we don't really know enough and they're all kind of mixed in there. Dillon's having a good week and Marc back in so eventually that's the goal, to have two guys really do it, kind of what happened last week."

(On why Barkley to Woods works so well)
--"You just have two guys that prepare extremely well. They're obviously great players, number one, but they prepare so well and they focus on their game plan those guys are really fun to coach, it's really enjoyable to be around them because you can say things one time on a Friday to them about a third down play that happened and the next day on Saturday [they'll] do exactly what you said versus the coverage so it's neat to have that. So often your offense struggles just because of small mistakes, because of guys getting reps at things and not able to do them just because you told them- you have to have physical reps so that's what makes them special."

(On whether the Barkley to Woods preparation is a new sort of thing)
--"I think it's new. It came on a little bit towards the end last year but their offseason of having spring together then all summer together has really shown up."

(On whether Barkley and Woods prepare like professionals)
--"Yeah they're two of our best guys and so, the best thing about that is you want your young players and all of your players to see guys succeed and play well that do things right. That's why those two guys, like the Nickell Robey, are so special in our program that prepare so well every single day and then it shows up on game day, it's what we want our guys to be like."

(On the USC/Utah game being the Pac-12 opener)
--"Yeah I think they'll be a lot of energy around it. I'm sure it's a huge game to them, coming down to the Coliseum, regardless of it being the conference opener, and for us, first place in our division is on the line. We want to improve, we want to play the way we did in the first half, not the second half of last week."

(On the Coliseum not having energy at times last week)
--"I don't think it has anything to do with the Coliseum or our fans it has to do with us, not playing well. If you, it's real easy, if you want the place rocking and you want a lot of energy in the place, play well. Win games, score touchdowns, so that's our job to do."

(On the Pac-12 possibly realigning to a super conference)
--"Well we just got used to this one and so whatever happens we'll figure it out. We don't spend very much time on it at all, because it's out of our control, it's above us so whatever happens, we'll go from there."

(On what happened the second half of the Minnesota game)
--"Just really the inexperience showed up. For whatever reason the first half the inexperience didn't show up as much. I think a lot of that was because offensively it was really Matt to Robert, 11 catches in the first half, was really a huge part of the game plan. When we tried to balance it a little more, some of the inexperience at the line and the tight ends showed up. We have a game under our belt [now] so hopefully we'll play like we did in the first half."

(On whether he was too conservative with the playcalling)
--"I don't think it was conservative, I think it was just more balance. I think coming out of halftime, we had done so well at that point, 18 of 20 and three touchdowns, no sacks, basically no negative plays, we didn't want to play that way the whole game. We don't want our future to be having to throw the ball 50 times a game all over the place. So we'd like to establish the run and be a little bit more typical ‘SC so we tried that in the second half and it wasn't as productive unfortunately."

(On Da'John Harris being a playmaker)
--"Yeah Da'John is a guy that has showed NFL talent, NFL plays and now he just has to be consistent over a whole game and every single snap."

(On Kiffin's postgame comment)
--"If you go back, I think there's been a lot of attention paid to it and I didn't use the word ‘only,' everybody seems to write that I said ‘we only have two players' but the word ‘only' wasn't used. I watched it again, to make sure. That was in my head right away. You (Shelley Smith) said ‘what did you learn today,' well I learned that there were two guys that played great, they set USC records for the history of the school and so I wasn't trying to focus on the guys that hadn't I was focusing on those two guys so I explained it to the offense to make sure they understood what was meant by it and we're going from there. We need to play better and we need to coach better.

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