Quoting Kiffin: Practice 3 of Gameweek 2

Quotes from head coach Lane Kiffin after Thursday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

--"Okay, Cyrus Hobbi and Abe [Markowitz] still did not practice, I think Abe will be available for us because of not practicing we wouldn't start him but maybe he'll play in this game. Other than that we're healthy and adding Marc [Tyler] to the group gives us some leadership in there as well. We should play better than we did last week."

(On how Kiffin expects Utah to come into the game)
--"No not at all [intimidated]. No you don't have a staff like they do, that have won so many games, so many 10-win seasons and I think prior to last bowl, won seven bowl games in a row including going into a Sugar Bowl and winning a Fiesta Bowl. I mean there's going to be no intimidation factor. And anytime that you play like we did last week and let a team hang around the way we did, that doesn't intimidate people. They'll be ready to go and that's one of the things really that always happens at ‘SC, for whatever reason an ‘SC game always tends to be people's Super Bowl so they'll be fired up just like Minnesota was last week.

(On Utah's first game in the Pac-12 affecting the Utes' approach Saturday)
--"I think it will. This is, from the way people write and talk about the game, it's a really big game for them because all the smaller schools [are] rooting for them and now they get a chance to come into a major conference and do it every week. So I'm sure there's added motivation for them."

(On whether Kiffin has a goal, aside from winning, for Saturday's game like he did with Robert Woods' reception record)
--"No. That wasn't necessarily a goal, just thought that what Minnesota was going to do, off their film, that we'd be able to get a lot of balls to Robert and obviously he was very productive in what he did. So our goal is to win. At the end of the day I'd like to be more balanced. That's always our goal here, is to be 50-50 and do both things well on offense and hopefully we can."

(On how Kiffin felt the tempo went this week)
--"Well I thought it was really good, especially to push through on the Tuesday and Wednesdays, which were very hot, and that's how it is supposed to be. We've got to get that back, I think we've lost that at times last year because of the fear of injuries and hitting, we took them out of pads more often so Tuesday and Wednesday were very physical again this week."

(On whether preparing for Utah's pro-style was easier than Minnesota's spread)
--"Yeah the preparation for our defense is a lot easier, doesn't mean we're going to be successful it's just easier because we know it better and we're used to playing against it. So that doesn't mean we're going to be successful just because of that but it is easier from a coaches' standpoint, not having as many unknowns but then again too there's a school of thought that they've had all offseason to practice different stuff and feel they didn't need to show it in the opener. (On Martin Coleman's performance)
--"He's done alright, kind of plugged away in there. Martin's been someone who's been here for five years now, really hasn't played and hopefully he'll play well."

(On how Tyler has been playing)
-"He has on what he's done out here. We just don't know anything about how he's done, how's it going to be having no preseason games for us where he's really getting hit. We're going to have to watch that."

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