Quoting Kiffin: Practice 3 of Gameweek 3

Quotes from the Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin after his team practiced Thursday at Howard Jones Field.

Injuries: Marquis Simmons out, Martin Coleman out, Abe is "very limited."

"I thought today's practice was good. This week's theme has been ‘it's all about us.' It's not about who we're playing. We have to improve, and we did improve from week one to week two. And that's the key to being a really good team is to continue to improve as we go into week three."

(On whether the team is due for a breakout game?)
--"I don't know. We just want to improve and make sure as we look at individually and at the three phases of the game and as a team that we are getting better. If we do that, then those things will happen."

(On whether any decisions have been made as to the left guard starter)
--"No. We'll probably play a couple guys and see how it works."

(On whether Abe Markowitz will be one of those guys)
--"He may be. Yeah. We anticipate him going Saturday."

(On what Drew McAllister has done to get himself gametime in week three)
--"Combination of two things: number one, Drew has done a great job and made some plays for us and he is completely healthy now. And then number two, staying with the theme we are trying to get better at, which is playing more players. So this is week three and so hopefully some guys that have gotten in a little bit will get more reps and some guys that haven't gotten in there will get in there."

(On whether Robert Woods' 100+ yard day against Utah was one of the quieter 100+ yard games Kiffin has seen)
--"I thought Robert played really well in the game. Really just missed one deep ball that if he would have run the route a little bit different was going to be open and could have been a lot more explosive game. It would have been another 50-yard touchdown catch. He's doing really well, and as you said, does kind of get lost in there after setting the school record in week one. But if a guy can catch eight passes for over 100 yards every week, we'll take it."

(On what the Trojan Way means)
--"Well it's really doing things right. It's not easy. It's not easy for a kid 18 to 21 years old to do things right on and off the field. They all come here and want to play football and want to do a good job out here but we have very high standards in the classroom and outside of the field. So we want guys representing the university in a first class manner and I think guys are doing that for the most part."

(On the team's attitude toward being more introspective rather than looking at Syracuse)
"I think it's good. We spent some extra time on some little details of things, the kind of things you would do in camp format to make sure we're not overlooking things because we do have some weaknesses through two weeks. We do have to improve on those and not just feel good because we're 2-0."

(On whether Kiffin has met with Armond Armstead or his family yet?)

(On when Kiffin expects that meeting will take place)
--"I anticipate that being at some point before next week."

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