Quoting Kiffin: Practice 2 of Gameweek 4

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach after Wednesday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

"Okay Lamar Dawson did not practice, Martin Coleman did not practice, Abe [Markowitz] was very limited and Brice Butler did not practice. Hopefully all those guys will be back. Thought today's practice was better than yesterday. On offense after yesterday of turning the ball over a lot did not turn the ball over today, which is good for one side but obviously the other side we got to get the ball out more. Big emphasis this week on the lack of turnovers, really since we've been here."

(On George Farmer moving up the depth chart)
--"No that's just the numbers. We're continuing with our plan to redshirt George. He looks better than he ever has been. If this were the beginning of the year right now, he'd be in the mix because he's finally healthy. So we're excited about what he'll bring down the road."

(On the running game starting off slow in the first three quarters last week)
--"Well we weren't pleased with the way that we started but also a lot of times, that's part of the game. A lot of times you get in a situation where you wear somebody down in the fourth quarter, like that, like Syracuse, and so the run game started working. Even though we had our backups and they still had a lot of front line guys in, so it's all part of the game. A lot of times you're, you do better in the fourth quarter if you're winning the time of possession as we have been throughout the season. So you got to take it all into account but we would like to start faster, yes."

(On the Pac-12 not expanding)
--"I think it's great. I love where we're at right now and we're just getting used to this format. And the championship game format, with the South and the North. So I think it's great we can get used to it, at least a little bit."

(On whether schools like Texas and Oklahoma won't take as many California recruits not being in the same conference)
--"Not really. I mean they've always tried to come in here and so I don't think that would change very much. I really don't think just because you play a game one time a year, I mean you're in L.A. on a rotating schedule, I don't think that really helps that much. You're still got to go a long ways away so I don't think that would have been a big deal."

(On the cornerbacks' play last week)
--"Well Anthony [Brown] did some good things in his first game of playing for us. Torin [Harris] and Nickell [Robey] are playing really well so we just wanted to figure out, see how Anthony would do in there. He did a good job and that gives us some more options."

(On ASU's injuries piling up)
--"That's not an issue. Our guys aren't underestimating them. They very easily could be undefeated and be a top-10 team in the country so it's amazing to me what a great job they must have done over the time we were gone here, by the way they recruited. Because to have that amount of injuries, significant, really good defensive players and you put the film on them and their backups are just coming in—they look great, too. It says a lot about what they've done there."

(On ASU's Brock Osweiler)
--"Yeah you just don't see that size, period. So it's very unique, very rare and he causes us a lot of issues because he can move around and he's so accurate and he's got such a big arm. He can do everything."

(On whether the ‘crowd noise' in practice Wednesday was noisy enough)
--"We need to buy some more speakers. Somebody stole one of our speakers actually so we're down to one, so we're going to have to buy some more. That was not loud enough, no."

(On Marqise Lee's consistency)
--"Yeah he's gotten better every week. You saw it last week. Last week he looked in the game, he looked the best that he's looked as far as being comfortable, getting lined up. Game two he was kind of a little bit all over the place, we had some issues with formations and Woody was having to help him line up and really took to the challenge to improve himself and really put together a complete game. We didn't throw to him that much but everytime we did he came up big for us and so we got to find a way to give him the ball more. He actually I would say at this point right now, after three games, where he's at right now, is ahead of where Robert [Woods] was a year ago. This kid is really special and he's every bit as fast as Robert but he's bigger and stronger."

(On the heat in Tempe, Arizona this weekend)
--"Nothing different I mean there's nothing we can really do besides what we do for any game, which is we pump them with stuff 72 hours leading up on the plane, in the hotels, everything we can do. And the only thing we can do to help [hydration problems] is rotate, play more guys, especially early in the game because once you get gassed and you start going to the IVs you're pretty much gone at that point and so the thing is not to get so tired that we can't every get them back so we're going to have to play guys early."

(On whether playing time is a concern with a guy like Galippo this weekend when backup Lamar Dawson is injured)
--"Yeah it's a big concern. But unfortunately a lot of our positions are the same as that. That's just where we are. And so we just got to figure out a way to make the best of it."

(On Kyle Prater's great catch in practice)
--"Yeah he's very capable of huge plays. Just has to get more consistent. The nagging injuries, yesterday he had a migraine so he didn't practice yesterday. So everytime he starts to make a stride something happens so he's going to eventually be a really good player. Hopefully it's soon."

(On Aundrey Walker)
--"Yeah if Aundrey would practice like he played in that game he'd be one of our best players. He played really well, went in there and looked like the guy he did early in camp. First play he cut the linebacker down, 50 yards down the field on a long run so our challenge is to get him to practice that way because he played really well."

(On Amir Carlisle performing as of late)
No we think that he can help us. He adds another dimension, he's got some juice. It's good to see him in there, a change of pace, so you might see him this Saturday."

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