Quoting Kiffin: Final Practice Before ASU

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach Lane Kiffin after he spoke with the media before his team departs for Arizona for USC's matchup with ASU.

Lamar Dawson did not practice, Martin Coleman did not practice and Abe [Markowitz] did not practice. MRI [was done] again on Abe yesterday, trying to push him back out here, showed a fracture in his foot. So he'll be done for the season again. [I'm] very disappointed in that, obviously it's an area of concern for us and he was somebody that we were excited about, kept hoping to get him back every week. So he'll have a long rehab to go through to get back…and for the most part the rest of the guys were good to go. And going on the road we're going to need everybody, we're going to need everybody to help us have a chance to win this game."

(On whether the injury is on the left foot, not the right one he had injured previously)
--"Yes it is the other foot."

(On how to get your team to not take ASU's bait)
--"Yeah we've worked hard on it all week out here and with our service teams. Late hits and blocks in the back and stuff and not retaliating. We've shown them a number of clips on film of them doing that so that's one thing but when it gets loud and hot and everything going on with the game in a national game like this, we got to do our best to keep our composure."

(On how the heat will impact Kiffin's rotation)
--"We're going to have to rotate, regardless of the heat we started doing that more anyway last week and it helped us. And we're going to really have to do it this week and watch the usage of guys on special teams and offense and defense."

(On a theme this week for Kiffin's players)
--"Well it's really about going on the road this week and what that means, how focused you have to be because there's so many distractions once you get to the game and really focusing on their own assignments and playing really well and being very disciplined."

(On the number for the traveling squad)
--"Yeah I think we're bringing 70 [players]."

(On whether Abe Markowitz needs surgery)
--"Yes he'll have surgery next week.

(On what stands out to Kiffin about Vontaze Burfict)
--"Dominant, physical player. You have to know where he is at all times. When he turns it on, he just can take over a game and really has great ability, as I said earlier this week, I can't imagine anyone not grading him a high first-round pick."

(On what about ASU's stadium makes it tough to play in versus other road trips)
--"It's a long walk to the locker room, I remember that. I mean it's just a classic, loud place where the student section and heat and the night game just all goes together. We're going to have to have great focus."

(On what Kiffin's message has been to the young players taking their first road trip)
--"Just no distractions, being extremely focused on what we're going to do. It isn't about anything else, except going in and playing well and getting the win, regardless of how that happens we got to win the game and then get out of here and get back. These aren't vacations, they're not fun. One thing that we go for. The whole [focus for] 48 hours starting now to the game is about winning."

(On whether there is a way to attack Burfict)
--"Not really. Because he's unique. He's 245 pounds at least, so when you go at him, he can out-physical you and knock you right back and so usually those guys go sideline to sideline but he runs as well as a 210-pounder so not really good answers why they've really shut some people down, some good people down. About this time last year, Oregon went in there, that defense had to go back on the field after seven turnovers and just kept playing in a very hot game and kept giving Oregon a hard time. This is a very, very good talented defense led by him."

(On whether Lamar Dawson will make the trip to ASU)
--"I don't know yet."

(On who would be Dawson's backup if he can't play)
--"Just depends on how the game would go, Will Andrew is there. We've also over time given Shane Horton reps, I think he'd go inside too."

(On whether a decision has been made as to who will start at left guard)

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