Quoting Kiffin: Practice 3 of Gameweek 5

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach Lane Kiffin after Thursday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

(Lamar Dawson,Torin Harris, Amir Carlilse did not practice today). --"This is a big game for us. Anytime you go into a bye, you need everybody to play through some injuries and make sure we do our best and give ourselves a chance to get to 4 and 1."

(On how Kiffin felt the team's practices were this week)
--"Really good. I thought we had a great week of practice. I thought that today as far as the offense and service team, very few repeats. A focused group. They want to get that loss and put it away. The best way to put it away is go out and play really well and win."

(On how the secondary has played up until this point)
--"Up and down. At times has played well. Not enough explosive plays, we haven't created enough explosive plays. At the same time, we have limited explosive plays compared to a year ago. I think the longest pass was 16 or maybe 18 yards Saturday. So we have improved there. We just need to tackle better and make some significant plays on the ball."

(On Arizona's defense allowing big runs)
--"Well I think it's a combination of two things. Number one, they have played three of the best offenses in the country, three great great offenses. And then number two, they are kind of going through what we did a year ago, early on. They have a lot of new guys playing. They lost a bunch of really good players last year, similar type of system. These systems take a while for guys to get used to them and be able to play in them. There is a lot of thinking that goes on in these systems. They are going through exactly some of the same stuff we went through early on last year."

(On Marc Tyler not being Reggie Bush)
--"Well it is what it is. You can't all of a sudden make a guy really fast. We're doing the best to put him in the best situations with his ability. Obviously you always would love to have the home run hitter and a guy that last week on those runs, has some explosive longer runs. But it is what it is. We just got to use what we have and make the best of him and find different ways to use him."

(On what the team is going to do to disrupt Arizona's offense)
--"Really? I mean seriously? You want our whole gameplan? ‘What are you going to do to disrupt them and stop them?'…try to cover them really well, rush their passer, really good in tackling."

(On Marqise Lee's performance thus far)
--"Awesome. I think Marqise Lee, I know it's early to say, I think he is going to be one of the best receivers ever to play at this school. We got to do a better job of getting him the ball. He continues to make plays, almost every opportunity we give him. Unfortunately last week he ran right by the right corner, was going to score another touchdown on about a 50-yard go route and up front we didn't block to the left of the left guard, or else he was going to walk into the end zone, similar to the go route he ran the week before at home. His focus, his maturity. He wants to play, he is tough, he is strong. He is bigger and stronger than Robert, kind of a mix of George and Robert. We're obviously really excited for the fact that our two top receivers in our mind are a true sophomore and a true freshman. The future is bright."

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