Offensive Linemen Like to Dine

Most offensive linemen have to eat a lot, no doubt, but tackle Matt Kalil consumes an enormous amount of food just to keep weight on. SC Playbook tracked his meals and approximate calories for a typical day.

Most meals are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

But an offensive lineman of a Division-1 college football team doesn't look like most people.

They usually weigh more than a small crowd, typically weighing between 275 and 320 pounds. And they usually stand out in any crowd, often between 6-3 and 6-8 in height.

By pure science, one in that height/weight category would have to eat well over 3,000 calories just to maintain their frame.

Take USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil. Kalil, listed at 6-7, 295-pounds, would need to eat 3,714.5 calories per day to keep his weight. But Kalil, unlike most linemen who try to shred pounds, has trouble keeping his weight on. Kalil walked Scout through a typically day of what he intakes, and let's just say Kalil consumes an ordinary person's 3,000 calories well before his day is halfway through.

For eye-opening starters, Kalil begins his day by drinking an 800 calorie shake loaded with 50g of protein! And he has the same shake before in the evening WITH his dinner.

Okay, so that's 1,600 calories of the 5,000. What about the actual breakfast?

Yeah--he eats an actual breakfast too.

On a typical Tuesday, Kalil ate a heaping portion of hashbrowns from a local restaurant, a good-sized portion of bacon, five over medium eggs and three pancakes.

From an online calorie calculator, Kalil's breakfast comes in at 1,276 calories, not including the 800 calorie shake.

So he's well over 2,000 calories before 11a.m. What about his lunch, you might wonder…

It's bigger than his breakfast.

On that same day, Kalil ordered a steak burrito with extra steak, cheese, sour cream, rice and beans. That's about 1,100 calories, according to the calculator. To go with his burrito, he ate a portion of chips and guacamole, around 720 calories.

If you're still following, he's at about 3, 960 calories before the afternoon is over.

What could he possibly eat for dinner?

If you guessed meat, you won the nonexistent prize.

Kalil said that on this same night, he had two 12-ounce steaks, two baked potatoes and a portion of mixed vegetables. To top his day off, he had some ice cream.

To Recap:
50g Protein Shake: 800
Pancakes (3): 490
Bacon, approximately 4 slices: 140
5 eggs, Over Medium: 350
Hashbrowns, approximately 6oz: 296
Total: 1, 276 calories

Steak Burrito with Rice, Beans, Salsa, Sour Cream, Cheese, Lettuce: 975
Extra Steak in Burrito: 190
Guacamole & Chips: 720
Total: 1, 885 calories

Sauteed Mixed Veggies: 50
Steak: 24 ounces: 1, 700 Two white baked potatoes: 550 Average portion of Ice cream: 400 50g Protein Shake: 800
Total: 3, 500 calories

So Kalil went over his 5,000 calories that day we asked him to track his meals. What was his total for this ordinary Tuesday?

A whopping 6, 661. Now that's an offensive lineman who likes to dine. Top Stories