Quoting Kiffin: Notre Dame

USC head coach Lane Kiffin shares his thoughts on Notre Dame, being unranked, and Carson Palmer being traded to the Oakland Raiders.

-On whether Notre Dame could be a signature win
"I don't know. We don't talk that way. That's for other people to figure out. Just win our next game on the schedule. That's been our goal every week, and it's our goal again this week, to get to 6-1."

-On USC being an 8.5-point underdog and unranked at 5-1
"We're not worried about that. I just think in general that's probably the dark cloud over us. It was obvious last week. We discussed that, the negativity around us. Going on the road and winning by 21 points – and, as you mentioned, the first 5-1 team not to be ranked in the history of USC – I just think it's the dark cloud over us. But it has nothing to do with these players and the way that they work."

-On Notre Dame
"Very easily could be undefeated and be a top-five team in the country. Both those games they dominated offense and defense besides the turnovers. One or two plays here or there they're undefeated. They're playing great in all three phases of the game. They have no weakness."

-On Carson Palmer being traded to the Oakland Raiders
"Awesome for him. Great opportunity for him. Hue Jackson was here before we got here. He has a good relationship with Carson. That's going to make the terminology easier. It's great for Carson. Not only does he get a chance to play, but he gets to stay out here in California too."

-On the Irish front seven
"I think they're very physical. They play straight ahead. They knock you back, let by the middle linebacker, who's playing lights out right now. Their defensive end's coming back this week, so they're getting even stronger coming off the bye week. This is a really good front seven, one no one's been able to run on for the most part."

-On last season's 20-16 loss to Notre Dame
"I don't think it will ever leave, really. This week brings it back because you have to watch it again to learn from the tape. So many plays in that game just completely changed the game. Everybody knows Ronald's drop. But we dropped one before that on the same drive. And we throw the ball right to them. Something that we've never done on that play. Those things are hard to deal with. There's so many times in that game we can go score. Until our last play of the game, it's 4-0 turnover margin. You win 99 percent of those games. Somehow we were plus-4 and behind, which is unheard-of. It was very tough to deal with."

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