Quoting Kiffin: Eyeing the Irish

Trojans' head coach Lane Kiffin talks to the media about USC's cornerback situation, the USC-Notre Dame Rivalry and more.

For the most part everybody practiced today in some form, except for Torin Harris, which is very good for us, for it really only to be Wednesday and for us to have all our guys out there, obviously, is very beneficial as we go on to a very tough road game. I thought the guys practiced well today, we were able to clean up some stuff from yesterday and we'll have another chance tomorrow to get back out here tomorrow morning and then go back to class and then we'll come back and get on the plane and go."

(On who is the emergency cornerback)
--"Big Game James Harbin. Might not know James. (Reporter: He was the guy who worked the graveyard shift)…Yeah he was. Pretty cool story, he would come right from the graveyard shift of working his security job and then come right to here and walk right into practice so it says a lot about him and his dedication so it's a pretty good story."

(On why Kiffin wouldn't remove T.J. Bryan't redshirt)
--"Yeah just really it's the direction we've already went with redshirting him and T.J., James would actually be ahead of T.J. because he's been in there getting reps and T.J.'s been running the service team for us."

(On Ryan Henderson possibly playing)
--"We could [use him]. It would have to be something where we would look at [it] during the week and come out of a game if there were some more severe injuries, not something we'd just do during the middle of this game."

(On Marc Tyler wanting to play through his injuries)
--"First off it says something about Marc to make that statement. It says a lot about his dedication to this program, after all he's been through. So it's great to hear but it's our job as the coaches and as the head coach to make sure we're in the best interest for the whole season. We meet every day with the doctors and evaluate everything and the direction of it so it'll be a gametime decision but a lot of those injuries, a lot goes into them. They may be hurt like a lot of our guys are hurt every Saturday when we go to play, but are they injuries that can get worse if they play with them. And so that's what we have to look at so we'll look at that Saturday morning."

(On Notre Dame using Andrew Hendrix)
--"Don't know. It doesn't really matter that much this is more about us. It's not like he's a true running 4.4 quarterback and so it doesn't drastically change what we would do if he went in so it's not that big of a deal to us."

(On Andre Heidari performing well)
--"Yeah I think he's done great. It's interesting you bring that up I was watching you guys over here and there were six people, six players still on the field, you guys were interviewing them in different stages there. All six players are in the first or second year of our program so he's just another freshman reminder of the future here. [The] majority of our really good players and best prospects probably for the long term, for the next level, are in our second year here. So it's great and he's an example of it, a freshman, especially a true freshman kicker playing that well in big time games."

(On whether the freshmen know about the rivalry)
--"Just very little. I think because of our age, because we're so inexperienced and so young the last thing we want to do is build it up too much and you put too much pressure on them and they can't handle that. It isn't about that, you don't all of a sudden play different because of where you're playing or who you're playing you still have to prepare extremely well in all phases of the game and you got to go and play really well, so it comes down to playing well and not adding too much pressure because there's already going to be enough hype that I can't control. They're going to get through the media and they're going to feel when they're out there, before the game and so we don't need to add to that."

(On whether playing under the lights adds to that hype)
--"Definitely. Anytime you have night games it always adds something, adds an element to the game because of the energy and also the crowd usually is always louder and more into it, as you go into night games."

(On Marqise Lee playing at 100 percent)
--"Yeah we have to really watch Marqise because he does do that, and falls awkward a lot and does go get the ball so much. And also he's so tough he's not going to tell us any different. If there's any way for him to play he's going to try to play so we have to really watch that."

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