Quoting Kiffin: Last Practice Before Irish

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach before USC takes off for South Bend, Indiana.

"Okay so basically everybody practiced for the most part today outside of Torin Harris, so hopefully he'll be ready to play. And obviously it's still early and our guys now leave us, go to school and come back about 3 o'clock to go to South Bend."

(On the turbulent '07-'08 flight to Indiana)
--"No I wasn't here but I did hear that story about how it was but no we didn't even talk about it."

(On the recruiting implications this game has had)
--"I think that probably gets built up a little bit too much. In the end, by the time guys sign the papers so much has happened since this game. We've seen it help some times, you go back to Reggie [Bush], he's at that game when Carson [Palmer] has the big game and he was a Notre Dame leaner at that time and so we've seen where it's helped at times but at the end of the day after this Saturday there's so much time, so many official visits that go on, so many conversations that I think the game by that point, when they sign the papers is really out of their mind."

(On whether Cal was Jawanza Starling's best game)
--"Yeah, definitely. He's just really played really well. And really tackled better. We had an issue of missed tackles, especially a lot of shoulder tackling instead of wrapping up and for whatever reason, played his best game."

(On whether this was a good week of practice)
--"Yeah I think so. We had some guys who were banged up earlier in the week and to get them back and get them moving around has been good. I thought the players focus for the most part has been good but we still have a long time to go. It's just Thursday and we're going to have to go and make sure that we cover every little thing."

(On whether this is the ASU game, but cold)
--"Yeah I mean there's some similarities with it being a night game and a big game. Arizona State, that atmosphere was pretty electric even though it wasn't, there were still a lot of empty seats, surprisingly in that game. There won't be any empty ones for this one so this is a big test for our team."

(On going into the game as underdogs)
--"I don't think they even know it, we don't really talk about spreads and that stuff that's for other people. But I do think in general as you go in and expectations are lowered, sometimes that's better than [outside expectations] because kids don't feel as much pressure when you're big favorites and they're hearing that all the time that they're supposed to win, they have to win, sometimes that works against you with the pressure so that's a lot of times why underdogs play better sometimes because they come in with lower expectations and they just go out and play."

(On the Fighting Irish running game)
--"They're physical. They fall forward a bunch, they run through you. They're hard to bring down and [Cierre Wood and Jonas Gray] are a good one-two punch. Their offensive line is playing very consistent, it's an old offensive line, a veteran group and they play together really well. They don't make many mistakes at all."

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