Quoting Kiffin: Practice 1 for Colorado

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach after Tuesday's session out at Howard Jones Field.

--"Wes Horton did not practice for the most part, Torin Harris did not practice for the most part, Jawanza Starling was very limited, Dion Bailey did not practice, George Farmer did not practice, Marc Tyler did not practice and Rhett Ellison, for the most part, did not practice. Obviously that's a lot of people banged up, hopefully we'll get more guys back on a short week."

--I'm sure most everybody saw what I said last night, and basically after a lot of conversations, like I said, we agreed to disagree. I am sorry that this whole, that all this happened, and I have learned from this. I have learned that regardless of questions I can't answer anything that has to do with a call during the game or any conversation that an official has with me so from here on out, I won't be able to respond to anything."

(On whether there is a concern that the punishments from the Pac-12 will be a distraction to the team)
--"No, not at all. When they came in this morning I don't think any of them even knew about it, for the most part. We addressed it very quickly in the room, talked about it, said exactly what it was, they said a few things and moved forward."

(On whether Kiffin had a private conversation with Pac-12 officials)
--"I do that anyway. Before I say anything to [the media], after the initial ones, I called them and said everything…but like I said, I learned from this that I can't answer any of your questions."

(On why Kiffin can't answer any reporters' questions)
--"Because as it's being relayed to me, the rules state by the conference that you can't comment on officiating…at all." (On what the message to the team was)
--"Message to the team was, really, just moving forward, moving on. Just like we already had, we had moved past this. It had nothing to do with them. They kind of had some conversations that I won't make public and we're moving forward."

(On whether there is a concern about letting up after a short week)
--"Well there are a lot of factors Jim, in this team in that [it is] a short week, weather, night game, on the road, after two emotional games. So we just got to prepare really well and it looks like we have. We've played three games of pretty good football, so we need to keep that up, play real team football and continue to improve."

(On whether Kiffin has written a check yet)
--"God that's so tempting. No I haven't."

(On whether Kiffin is concerned about the mounting injuries)
--"I am. A lot more than [writing a check]. Yeah. There are a lot of injuries, lot of guys banged up on our roster that's already thin so we just got to—the message to the team was, regardless of injuries, suspensions, whatever happens, we got to pick up the flag and go, whoever gets in there. We've had great stories over our two years, backups rising to the occasion and we're going to need that again."

(On whether there have been other coaches reprimanded)
--"Yeah, four of them. I'm moving on." (Reporter: But none have been with a fine) "I'm moving on."

(On Nickell Robey playing better)
--Yeah I think that's really been a big part of our improvement on defense, is Nickell [Robey] playing well. Also, the last three games matching him up on their guys and really it's taken those guys out of the game, taking them out of rhythm then obviously two huge fourth-quarter interceptions that almost win both games for us. He's playing at a really high level and it's great to see, for a kid whose just a true sophomore."

(On how Robey makes up for his size)
--"His heart. He's plays so hard. You even look at his touchdown, I thought, I didn't know if he would go back in, he sprints all the way around the Coliseum it seemed like after his touchdown, but that's how he practices, that's who he is, it's who he's been since we met him, since he was a junior in high school Just a great kid."

(On whether Kiffin is surprised the team is playing so well)
--"I'm not surprised. It's great to see. We always talk abut improving and we're playing so much better than we were early in the year. You remember those games, we were barely winning early in the year versus teams that aren't supposed to be as good as the last couple of teams that we've played. So it's good to see. It's good to see them coming together as a team and playing well as a team and they care for each other. This morning in that team meeting was another example of it."

(On preparing for Colorado and building the Buffaloes up to the team)
--Yeah we always want to make sure we go into meetings and show things that [Colorado does] do well. Colorado is getting healthy, Colorado has played well at home, they've done that for years, including this year with a new staff. They take Cal to overtime, Washington State to [within] four points. So really their blowouts, outside of Oregon, have been on the road not at home."

(On Curtis McNeal recovering from the Stanford game)
--"Yeah he's got to move forward. He is and he's had a couple great games in a row, now he needs to do it again and go up there and like I've said before, if you go on the road, especially in bad weather conditions, regardless of [if its on the road] you better pack your run-defense and your run game. Curtis is a critical part of that right now."

(On whether Marc Tyler will be available)
--"I don't know. It doesn't look good."

Well usually when they do do that they give us the Saturday before, is the league thing. I think that all Thursday games have kind of made that a rule now for the most part, of conversations I've been a part of for future scheduling when you're up Thursday they give both teams the Saturday before. So what I recall is this game was actually a Saturday game initially then it got bumped to Friday." (On whether Drew McAllister will start the first half for T.J. McDonald)
--"Yeah Drew took the number one reps today and he will. It's a great opportunity for Drew. Drew's practiced really well and made more interceptions than anybody else, in our practices so it'll be a great opportunity for him to step up."

(On whether Tre Madden would play for linebacker Dion Bailey)
--Yeah Tre got thrown there into the mix and you know, big game obviously the other night and a lot of stuff going on so got that under his belt and he'd be the guy we'd go with. We have great confidence in him he'll be a great player, another one of these great young players."

(On the concerns of the buzz about the officiating getting to players)
--"Our concern is not what people think. Our players. This has nothing to do with them….we went over the film, we've moved on 48 hours ago from this game, about this game. So this has nothing to do with our players."

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