Trojans offer Cameron Colvin

Concord De La Salle WR Cameron Colvin may be the hottest wideout recruit in America right now. At the recent Nor Cal Nike camp, Colvin posted numbers that would make a NFL Pro-Bowler jealous with the size (6'1", 185 lbs.), the speed (4.31 forty), and the agility (3.85 shuttle) to be a big-time football player at the next level and he dominated in the one on one drills. We had a chance to talk to this special athlete and here's what he had to say about his recruitment….

WEARESC: Can you give me your short list of favorite schools?
COLVIN: I'm looking at Michigan, Miami, SC, Wash., UCLA and Ore.

WEARESC: Which of those schools have offered?
COLVIN: All of them.

WEARESC: Do you have any favorites out of that group?
COLVIN: Michigan and SC.

WEARESC: Why do you like those schools?
COLVIN: They're just top of the line programs and they both throw the ball.

WEARESC: What do you like about SC in particular?
COLVIN: The atmosphere is pretty good, you know. I've spoken with coach Carroll and he seems like a pretty cool guy and they have top of the line athletes. It would be a dream to play with guys like Mike Williams and Whitney Lewis and Steve Smith.

WEARESC: So you're not afraid to compete against those guys?
COLVIN: Oh no, not at all.

WEARESC: Can you make a few comments about the other schools on your list?
COLVIN: With Mich., my QB Matt Gutierrez is there and it would be great to play with him again. Miami, I mean, they produce guys left and right, you know what I mean? With Washington, I'd like to take the place of Reggie Williams. Oregon, I like the atmosphere and they throw the ball a lot. UCLA, I'd be great to play with Maurice Drew again. They really don't have like a big play receiver and I think I'd be great to put my self on the map like that.

WEARESC: Will leaving home be a factor in choosing a college?
COLVIN: No, not at all.

WEARESC: Is early PT an important factor?
COLVIN: I'm actually looking to redshirt my first year.

WEARESC: What? I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that.
COLVIN: Well, I want that extra year to get accustomed to the program and get comfortable with everything so that by my redshirt freshman year I'll know the system and I'll be unstoppable.

WEARESC: What would you say are your strengths?
COLVIN: I would say I'm a good deep guy, a deep threat. I've got good hands and I'm quick off the ball.

WEARESC: And stuff you'd like to work on?
COLVIN: I think breaking down on my routes. I drift a little bit, I can tell on film.

WEARESC: So basically you want to run more precise routes?
COLVIN: Yeah, there you go.

WEARESC: Now I know that you're going to play Evangel Christian Academy and that it's going to be televised by ESPN. Interestingly enough, the QB who you were supposed to face in that game, John David Booty, is now headed to USC. Does that put a damper on the game?
COLVIN: Well, he's a pretty good QB. No, actually, he's a great QB. I've seen him on film and I was like "wow" he's a good guy. We wanted play against him because we love competition and we're a little disappointed that he isn't there anymore. But it really opened my eyes with SC because Booty's going there.

WEARESC: Will you be taking any unofficial visits?
COLVIN: Yeah, I'm supposed to be coming down to LA next weekend, so I'll stop by SC.

WEARESC: Could you commit early?
COLVIN: No, I'm going to wait it out. Top Stories