Quoting Kiffin: Practice 2 of Washington

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach Lane Kiffin after Tuesday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

--"Okay Da'John Harris did not practice, Jawanza Starling was limited. Dion Bailey was limited, Hayes Pullard was limited. Martin Coleman did not practice. George Farmer was limited. Marc Tyler was limited. Marqise Lee and Robert Woods were limited. Obviously we hope to get those guys back. It's good to be a day ahead and [had] two long hard practices and now we got to continue to work on the mental game more than the physical game."

(On these three weeks feeling more important without a postseason )
--"I don't think they think about that. You have to ask them but I just think they go to work, come to practice and whatever we put on the schedule they do. It's a good team that [has] a bunch of good kids that work really hard together as a team and I think that's what people are seeing to them and that's what's showing up in attendance that people around L.A. are really appreciating the way they're working and the way they're playing. "

(On Dion Bailey status)
--"No he still hadn't. He took it off because he was getting teased so much but he didn't do any contact."

(On Marc Tyler status)
--"Marc could play right now. But we're still trying not to get him hit."

(On George Farmer status)
--"That's just going to be a gametime decision, to how much he can do, whether he can play or not. He can move straight ahead and do some things but he couldn't play if we were playing today."

(On Sarkisian saying USC had most talent in Pac-12)
--"Well that's good because we lost by 50 to Stanford so we if have more talent than them we should be in good shape. We don't have to show up. He'd been doing that for a while. Obviously he's already played Andrew Luck, or he wouldn't have made that statement he made."

(On Sarkisian's comment that he would take Barkley over Luck)
--"He's never been an NFL coach, remember? He turned it down. Made me go."

(On if Lane was an NFL coach, who would he take)
--"Oh I can't make that decision. I'm just trying to get ready for this week. Obviously they're both going to have great careers and it depends on the system that you run and what you're looking for and like I said, I think they're very similar quarterbacks in almost all aspects of the game. Andrew, the thing Andrew has over him, is he's faster. And that's nothing against Matt, that just is what it is. He's faster and he can make more plays running away from people. I think really the rest of the game is extremely similar the way they through in the pocket, the way they throw on the move, how smart they are at the position. I think they're both no brainers."

(On whether Barkley is moving around the pocket better than Kiffin thought)
--"I wouldn't say better than I thought but he has improved on it. If you look at his numbers on the move they're unbelievable. He's done a great job at that on called runs and even now of late on plays that he's made on his own. So he's continued to develop, he's playing at a high level. You can't argue with his numbers and what he's doing. I've said it before, he'd be in the Heisman race if there were things different out of his control. If he had more consistency around him with some more veteran players, if we were better on defense and holding people at the end of games, he'd be right in there."

(Assessing Nick Perry's season)
--"Yeah I think Nick's played really well. He's been really close. There's been a number of holding penalties where he would have had sacks, which is just as good as a sack, almost, for us. So he's making a lot of explosive plays. Tackles for losses and dominating plays where guys are having to throw the ball early so I think Nick's playing really well."

(On the defensive line not performing up to expectations)
--"I wouldn't say really in the run game. I think we'd like more production in the pass game, more sacks, more third down wins on the one-on-ones, especially inside. So yeah I'd agree with that in the pass game but I think they've played really well in the run game."

(On what USC needs to do to stop Washington's Chris Polk)
--"Tackle really well. Just look no further than what happened on Saturday night. Oregon tackled great, the whole game. They swarmed to the ball, they tackled really well, they knocked the power back. That's why they held them to the numbers that they did and held him to the numbers, too, rushing. I think that's the first time all year they were under 100 yards [rushing]. And it's not real complicated. Tackle the guy really well and don't let him fall forward."

(On Kiffin's relationship with Sarkisian)
--"I think it's a really good relationship. We go back to the first week that we were here [at USC] then spent five of six years here together. Then spent a lot of time on the phone or around each other in the offseason."

(On Sarkisian being 2-0 as head coach against USC)
--"Well he's 2-0 against a lot of people. They've done a great job, whatever 10 of the last 13 games I think they've won. That's a phenomenal coaching job when you look at where that program was when he got there. I think they had one win the year before or something. He's on the right track, he's doing things the right way, they're recruiting well and coaching really well. His players seem like they love playing for him, they play really hard. As far as the familiarity with the roster that helps. That will dwindle as time goes, because he did coach these older players here and recruited them and knows them. That disappears obviously the longer that we stay. A couple years from now he won't have any knowledge of these guys."

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