Quoting Kiffin: Practice 3 of Washington

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach Lane Kiffin after Wednesday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

--"Okay for the most part everybody did a lot of stuff today outside of Da'John Harris. Torin Harris was even able to do some things today so we have anticipation that everybody could possibly be playing Saturday which is obviously good for us. We'll continue to push them throughout the week and see if they can be at full strength."

(On whether Torin Harris could play Saturday)
--"There is a potential of that, yeah. Torin went today and did some things so we'll continue to test him each day. That would be a big pick up obviously with our lack of depth at cornerback. "

(On the Penn State situation)
--"Yeah I really don't very much except for what Tim just told me about it. Obviously sounds like a horrible situation and I feel awful for everybody involved but that's really all I know."

(On Kiffin's opinion of Joe Paterno)
--"I didn't know him personally. Obviously an unbelievable record. In order to do it for that many years, did a lot of neat things but I think that's really irrelevant today."

(On whether McNeal will start)
--"Most likely Curtis will start, yes. And we look for Marc to play as well."

(On why Drew McAllister won't start again this week)
--"Drew did some good things in the game. Prior to injury, Jawanza [Starling] was playing very well, playing some of his best ball since he's been here. And then T.J. has been playing at a real high level. We've been playing Drew over the last couple weeks anyway and so we'll continue to make sure that we're getting him in there."

(On theory of calling players by their numbers)
--"We really don't have one. I don't really know how that happened it just kind of did and took some legs within the receiver group."

(On Nickell Robey's extra energy this week)
--"Really that's who he is since the first day that I ever met him. Really since the day that he came on campus at Tennessee and was there a couple days for a camp. First in every line, first in every drill, wanted extra work, was staying after with my dad, getting [defensive back] work in between sessions at camp. So that's really what makes him special. His ability is that he's so dedicated to being great. And this week more special for him, this weekend would have been his mother's birthday so a bunch of his family will be out here to celebrate that. So it's even more special for him this week and he wants to make some big plays."

(On stopping Washington defensive tackle Alameda Ta'amu)
--"Well we've got to run some wide zone, which in our system means we cut him down. Which is all legal. And so we got to make sure that we do that so that he's got to be getting up and down off the ground all day long and whenever you play dominant defensive tackles like that that's usually the plan that we go to."

(On whether Ta'amu is more of a penetrating DT or space clogger)
--"He can do both. He can be powerful at times and then can be quick off the ball too. It's caused a lot of problems over the last couple years. We'll have a good plan for him and hopefully we'll be able to maintain him."

(On a change in fourth quarters this season)
--"First off it was the study of seeing something not work. Really, as we were going through the year, especially after this game a year ago, even if you go back to the Virginia game where we were struggling at the end of that game last year, we started noticing in the Stanford game that it's not working. Playing our guys every snap, especially in the front seven, was not working because we just were not productive in the fourth quarter. So this year we've rotated guys in earlier in the game, regardless of the score, so that we'd be fresher in the fourth quarter. I think in general we're in better shape in our second year. We condition after practice two times a week, which we've never done here before. I think all of that has helped."

(On how the defense has improved since the start of the season)
--"Tackling. Getting more comfortable in the system, but they're tackling better. Not as many missed tackles. After, since the Arizona State game, we've done a pretty good job of that."

(On Washington middle linebacker Cort Dennison)
--"You know where he is. You don't move him around much. He's a true middle linebacker in their system. It really doesn't affect you much because he lines up in one spot. Vontaze moves around a little bit more and he blitzes more so we're just going to have to know our assignments, deal with their multiple fronts and make sure that we know what our assignments are and where [Dennison is] coming from."

(On whether he regrets not redshirting Farmer)
--"Not at all. That goes back to seeing, once he got comfortable and once he got healthy, we saw what he could be. Really as we looked at it, I just don't think five years from now that he would be here anyway. To redshirt him and four years of eligibility and thinking he'd be here that fifth year, probably wouldn't happen. So no, I don't regret it. Even though his stats weren't big, he's made some big plays on special teams. And he's going to help us these last three weeks, too. And he'll be better off for it next year having the experience.."

(On Farmer rather playing receiver)
--"He'll always give us the ability to do both with him, which is very unique, especially for a big tailback to be able to do that. If we can get him comfortable in our system, especially after this spring coming up, he'll be a big-time matchup issue for people because he can play tailback and receiver at what will be 220 pounds."

(On whether the growth of spread teams forces USC to change)
--I don't think we need to change at all…We've gone to a little more shotgun based off of the inexperience of our offensive line. It had nothing to do with needing to change the system. When we get our roster right, we'll eventually be like we were before. We won't change what we're doing.."

(On the problems Chris Polk presents)
--"Hard to bring down. A bunch of missed tackles before last week. Oregon did a great job of tackling him. Before that people were missing him. He's big and physical, and he's really good in the passing game too. So he's really kind of the complete package."

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