Quoting Kiffin: Wednesday Before Oregon

Quotes from USC head coach Lane Kiffin after Wednesday's practice at Howard Jones Field.

(Injury Update)
--"Alright Da'John Harris did not practice. Christian Tupou was very limited. Demetrius Wright did not do much. Matt Kalil did not practice, Aundrey Walker did not practice. Robert Woods did not pratice. Obviously that's a lot of guys still out, unfortunately. We need guys to step up as they did today in practice and whoever is out there, they got to play a great game. So we'll load them all up and go up north."

(On the defensive tackles Tupou and Harris not practicing)
--"George played really well last week in his first start as a freshman. And so did J.R. as a true freshman. But obviously we'd like to have Da'John back because of the rotation especially, because obviously we want to get a bunch of guys in there and rotate them through. Hopefully he'll be back and be able to play some for us."

(On mentality behind Woods not practicing)
--"If you just look at the last two games and if you look yesterday at practice, he's going the wrong direction. If we just keep practicing him, even though we limited his practice, he's not getting better. So hopefully this will help. If he can't go this week, at least the time off and the weekend off hopefully he'll be back close to full speed for UCLA."

(On whether it's a real possibility that Woods wouldn't play Saturday)
--"Sure it is. If you watch him, watch him yesterday. We've got service team corners that he can't run by right now. He's just worn down and the kid is trying to do everything that he can but when you have an ankle and a shoulder [injury] you can't generate much power. And a lot of kids wouldn't even be playing right now. He just keeps throwing himself back in there."

(On what the exact injury is to Woods)
--"It goes to no power. If you watch the game closely it happens twice in the game, two different hits on times Marqise has the ball his arm just goes dead. Like I said, most people would come out he tries to go right back to the huddle and go in, that's just who he is. But at the same time we've got to protect our team. If he can't play faster, we've got to play the other guys."

(On how losing Woods would affect the team)
--"There's no secret that affects us. A guy that's caught over 90 balls and you losing him--but we need guys to step up. That's why these guys practice hard all year long and they'll get their chance. Last week Brice Butler made a big play for us early and the other guys need to step up."

(On whether Kiffin would really not play Woods against Oregon)
--"We have to see what [if Woods said he was ready] that means. He's going to say he's ready no matter what. He's always going to say that. But go back and look at Saturday's film. He shouldn't have been playing in that game. You like to trust in them because they say they're fine and say they can go in, but that's just him being tough. We have to make sure we're doing the best thing for the long run with him."

(On whether Kiffin focuses on Oregon's individual running backs or not)
--"It's about their scheme. If you start worrying about the players and who is where and everything you'll have no chance of lining up because they play so fast. You've got to get lined up based off their scheme and where they're at and then play your assignments regardless of who has the ball."

(On what made LSU and Auburn's defenses so effective in stopping Oregon)
--"You're talking about last year and that front seven in Auburn and now this year at LSU. I would think, I think I've heard it before, LSU may be the best defense ever. That's a big deal. You go into Tuscaloosa and give up what three or six points, whatever the score was, you're talking about a superior--not just a good defense this year, a great defense of all time so nothing against our defense but you can't really compare anybody to that type of defense."

(On how much better USC is after the road test at ASU)
--"A lot more. Going through Arizona State and Notre Dame has really helped them. And then going to Colorado with the weather up there and different atmosphere, I think they're a lot more comfortable. But it's still going to be about lining up and making plays versus the best team in the country."

(On putting George Farmer back at receiver)
--"It's too hard to move him back. He's just learning the stuff back there and coming from injury and going back to the timing out there is just too hard to do."

(On whether Chip Kelly would say he might not play one of his best players)
--"I don't know. I don't have to worry about that because Chip doesn't have to talk about injuries. He's not nice to the media like I am to you guys. I give you everything, stay here the whole day…he doesn't have to worry about that"

(On whether Oregon is on the same plane as USC was)
--"I think they're at the start of it. You got to do it for seven years before you compare it to the whole thing. That's a long run and that's a lot of different players. That's what was unique about what Coach [Pete Carroll] did here. You can have a great team make a great run and have Heisman trophy winners, got somebody that carries you, much like Auburn last year type of thing but can you do it for five, six, seven years. That's special because it's all new players so your systems really have to prove through that they can do it and that you're recruiting can do it year in and year out. They're on the right track though."

(On whether he should have sat out Robert Woods against Washington, in retrospect)
--"Yeah if you would have told me they would have gone 2-12 in third downs and we would have won by 40 points I would have said yeah but I didn't know that. Washington is very competitive this year and played, beat us last two years so there was no way to know that. Sure if I would have known that that would have been great. "

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