Quoting Kiffin: Last Practice Before Ducks

Quotes from the Trojans' head coach after Thursday's practice, the final preparation before USC heads to Oregon on Friday.

(On injury report)
Aundrey Walker didn't do anything. Matt Kalil did not do very much. Robert Woods did nothing. Demetrius Wright didn't do anything. Christian Tupou was very limited. Da'John Harris was very limited. Torin Harris is still out, obviously. We'll load up whosever ready to go and go up there for an exciting game in a great place to play. I think our players our very excited about it. It's a great opportunity for us and we're excited."

(Whether Kiffin is optimistic Woods will play)
--"I don't know. I don't know either way."

(In terms of rankings, were you surprised by not moving up)
--"I don't really pay much attention to it. We never really did here before. I actually didn't even know how it worked. Somebody just told me the other day. So it really doesn't mean much. After learning how it works, I really could care less now. They told me that we had one voter that didn't even vote for us at all. So I said 'where is he from?' and go figure he's from Memphis, Tennessee so we really don't care at all about rankings after hearing that."

(What are you going to see from Robert in pre-game warmups that will let him play in the game)
--"Going to have to see speed. He can go and get in and out of breaks and be able to play at a high level for us."

(On whether Woods is valuable even at less than 100 percent if the Ducks have to account for him)
--"No because I'm sure they watch the game and how it's going in warm ups. Just like last week really if you watch as the game got going last week and Robert wasn't himself, they started moving the safety away from him. Nick [Holt] did a good job of adjusting and leaving him out there alone and if you go back to that third quarter I was trying to get Robert involved and get him some catches there. Even though he was locked up man-to-man, he still just wasn't himself."

(On whether Woods could just go out there and limp around)
--"No. We can't afford for him to do that. We're not good enough to do those things, yet. We'll do those some day."

(On Kiffin's players being ready for the environment)
--"Well you just got to be ready to play and stay focused and not worry about what we can't control. It's going to be an exciting environment, the loudest place I've ever been. Having been there before and having been a lot of places. It's exciting they do a great job there, they do a great job with the music, with the noise. And they'll be ready to go I'm sure."

(On feeling like this was a good week of practice)
--"I do. They have nothing to lose. Going up there, they're huge underdogs. A lot of times this makes it easier on players, especially young players because there's not very much pressure on them."

(On being underdogs)
--"Yeah it's unusual. I don't think many kids signed up here thinking they were going to be double-digit underdogs a couple times a year. It's a different role to be in and someday we won't be in this role."

(On what USC needs to do to meet Oregon's high-scoring offense)
--"Well first no turnovers. You've got to take care of the football. Before we worry about touchdowns we got to worry about taking care of the ball. [Oregon] does a great job of flying to it, getting the ball out, multiple blitz fronts, give you some issues. So we've got to take care of the football. And then when we get in the redzone and on third downs, we've got to complete on third downs and score in the redzone, touchdowns not field goals."

(On where Oregon ranks as a rival)
--"I don't have a pecking order, really, at all. There's a lot of great rivalries within this conference and some from team to team, some from coach to coach. It's a very competitive conference but I don't have a ranking."

(On whether the underdog nature of this game takes pressure off Kiffin personally)
--"Oh I don't know. I think anytime--if you take this job and you follow who you follow, there's always pressure on you. We could be 40-point underdogs but people are still going to expect us to win and that's the same way that I think. That's why we came here. We understand high expectations and we feel the same."

(On rivalry games being moved to October)
--"Yeah we did hear about that. Once again, just like we tell our players, we don't worry about things we can't control. I don't have a say in that so wherever they put us, we'll be happy to play just like this week. Just like our last two road games happen to be the coldest places in the conference."

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