Reading Between the Quotes

In preparation for Saturday's big USC-Oregon Pac-12 matchup, great quotes were said by coaches and players on both teams.

This week was full of great quoteables as two Pac-12 teams prepare to face off in Eugene, Ore. in a game with heavy implications. From USC head coach Lane Kiffin to Ducks' main man Chip Kelly to USC players, there were great quotes all week long. There were actually too many to list, so we'll pick the best ones of the week.

On the quote that started it all…
Kiffin saying Robert Woods might not play versus Oregon:
--"If you just look at the last two games and if you look yesterday at practice, he's going the wrong direction," Kiffin said. "If he can't go this week, at least the time off and the weekend off hopefully he'll be back close to full speed for UCLA."

Chip Kelly's response:
--"He's playing, I can tell you that right now. I love that kid, he's a competitor. He's playing."

Even before the coaches' war of words, Matt Barkley and Kiffin exchanged words through the media about Oregon's abilities…
It began with Barkley after the Washington game
--"I think Oregon is very good this year. But I think they were better when we played them in the past."

When Kiffin heard that, he responded:
--"I believe Matt made that assessment without watching any film. And so when he gets here…and starts watching this film, I'm sure he'll have a very different opinion."

And Barkley did, to an extent.
--"I just said they were well deserving of their ranking. That was just based on scores I've seen. After watching tape, they are one of the top defenses we'll face this year."

Lane Kiffin/Chip Kelly on reporting injuries to the public
--"Chip doesn't have to talk about injuries. He's not nice to the media like I am to you guys. I give you everything, [I] stay here the whole day."

--"I'm media friendly. Not as media friendly as Lane Kiffin, according to Lane. Which I agree with him. Lane is probably better with the media, but I'm $10,000 better with the officials."

Robert Woods on the idea of sitting out of the Oregon game
--"I feel good to go. I feel like I need to be there Saturday to help this team."

Chip Kelly on Matt Barkley
--"I like Matt. Matt tells you what's on his mind."

Chip Kelly on who is more dangerous between Barkley and Stanford's Andrew Luck
--"Who's the best supermodel?...Do you want to have a Ferrari or a souped-up Mercedes?"

George Uko on the idea of veteran tackles Da'John Harris or Christian Tupou sitting out of the Oregon game
--"I'd rather have them and not start rather than start and not have them… because it's about the team, more than it's about me." Top Stories