Starr Starry-Eyed on Official Visit

Less than a month away until Scott Starr is officially a student at USC, but it was only this weekend that he took his official visit to the school.

Carson Palmer wore it well.

Scott Starr knew so, without actually knowing so.

Palmers' No. 3 jersey was on display this weekend for linebacker commit Scott Starr's official visit to USC.

Instead of looking rusty after being dormant for almost a decade, it lit up for Starr.

"It was definitely cool to see that jersey number," Starr said. "And it was definitely special to be out there with my family."

Starr isn't setting off any Trojan alarms by wearing the single-digit number. No, the gesture was merely one on the part of the coaching staff who knew the Norco (Calif.) Norco High product's high school number and wanted him to feel welcome.

But Starr said he'll really feel welcome if he can wear his second-favorite number, No. 9, also shared by USC receiver Marqise Lee.

"Kiffin said he's expecting me to come in and play and start out on special teams," Starr said. "He doesn't want that to be a problem with both of us going out on the field [wearing the same number]."

If he can't have 3, or 9, he has a handful of other options to choose from.

"[I'll] just try to get a low number. I always liked the low number. I don't know what it is, when you're wearing the stuff you like, when you have that number…it sounds stupid, but it feels good," Starr said.

Numbers aside, it's only a few weeks until the four-star recruit steps onto the campus of USC as a student. Starr, an early enrollee, plans to major in broadcast journalism and got a tour of the building where most of his classes will take place.

"Im going to be able to get a head start. I'm just looking to enjoy all the knowledge that the coaches are going to give me," Starr said.

Starr and another recruit in Jabari Ruffin are the only two linebackers committed to USC in this class thus far. Ruffin, a product of Downey High, will enroll five months later than Starr, in June.

"Once Jabari gets there hopefully i know a lot of the system so I can help him out so he can have a smooth transition," he said.

Starr attended his official visit with junior college safety Gerald Bowman, a recruit that is high on USC's list but is still between the Trojans and the Oklahoma Sooners.

"You could tell he was listening to the coaches plan. He seems interested and he kept telling me he was having a good time.

"I think we have a good chance of getting him."

While Starr is acting as a bit of a recruiter, he's not had trouble being recruited. At the visit, the 6-3, 225-pounder talked with current players Matt Barkley, Robert Woods and Marqise Lee about the program. Starr said he told Barkley to stay in college another year.

"I said you gotta come back so we can win a championship," he recalled. "Selfishly i hope he comes back."

Another player Starr talked to was linebacker Hayes Pullard, who helped the incoming player understand a bit more what he was getting into.

"He said be prepared to work. He told me the basics of a regular practice and how it is over there. He said be ready to compete.

I'm ready to do that." Top Stories