Da'John Harris Talks Departure

Defensive tackle Da'John Harris talks to Fox Sports/Scout.com's Whitney Blaine about departing USC, preparing for the NFL and the things he'll miss most.

Q: It's still early but how's the NFL process been for you so far?
A: It kind of reminds me of high school coming to college again, as far as picking an agent goes. It's not in my shoes where i get to pick what team I go to, like it was in high school where i can pick my college. But it's just doing everything you can to get everyone to like you and hopefully the team that likes you the most will get you.

Q: How did you pick your agent?
A: I tried to keep it real short and sweet. Obviously I took everyone into consideration who contacted me and wanted to represent me, but i looked for an agency that doesn't represent a lot guys. If you have 100 guys it's hard to represent all of them. One who has more like 50 but still has a good reputation to NFL teams is one I wanted.

Q: What agent did you choose to represent you?
A: It's called LMM. I talked to a few of my teammates about them, guys like Tyron Smith, Butch Lewis and Kris O' Dowd are represented by that agency.

Q: What's the timetable like for you between now and the NFL combine?
A: I go to Arizona on the 15th and I will go back January 2nd. I'll be training it up in Arizona.

Q: Where are you training at?
A: When you get to a certain year in college per se and you've performed you hear about different training facilities and agents tell you where to train.

Q: Has anyone told you where you're projected in the draft right now?
A: After the combine will be the most accurate [projection], after that whole combine aspect of it. Even then you still don't technically know.

Q: Is there a team you'd prefer to play for, if you had a choice?
A: Whatever the team that will pay me the most money and play me. I have no power over that. If I could choose I would choose San Diego just because it's closest to home. But I would go anywhere.

Q: What is the weight you want to be at for the combine?
A: I'm 305 currently. And I'm okay with a 20-pound cushion of 290-310. i don't know any [defensive] tackles in the league that are 290. I don't want to be light playing in the big leagues.

Q: What advice have you gotten from Jurrell Casey (current defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans and former Trojan)
A: Jurrell said speed is different because it's a higher level. But football is football. It's just like hight school to college, he said the talent is the same pretty much at USC.

Q: You graduated. What are you going to do without any class?
A: It's exciting to move onto better things but at the same time I spent the last 4.5 years here and it's sad to say goodbye.

Q: What was your best moment at USC?
A: When I joined a fraternity. Sigma Chi. Did it last year. It was one of those things where we were at a party and the President [of the fraternity] was talking to [Armond Armstead and I] and explained how it works. I never knew about any of the fraternity thing aside from the partying. I wasn't biased toward it, i just had no idea what it was about.

Q: How did you have time for that with football and school?
A: They're really lenient with us because they know we're here for football…we joined in the spring not in the fall.

Q: Why was joining a fraternity your best memory?
A: I feel like my life is so routine with football -- don't get me wrong i love playing football -- but i feel like joining the fraternity and spending time with the guys allows me to do something that is not so routine. It gave me balance and a chance to experience college life.

Q: In your five seasons as a Trojan, what was your favorite game?
A: This year's Oregon game. All five of my years that was the one that meant the most to our program, to the players that played before us, that watched us.

Q: And now, next year with no bowl ban, what do you think could happen?
A: It's hard to say that, just because in NCAA [football] you can go undefeated and still not go to a national championship. I think they'll go undefeated, they'll win the pac-12 and whatever bowl game they'll go to, they'll win. [But] the only thing they can control is the rose bowl.

Q: What are you going to miss the most about USC football?
A: Probably the locker room to be honest with you, my teammates. i played Pop Warner, I played high school, I played college, I don't know what's to come, but I don't feel like it will be like the team here. Outside of talent, [there are] guys that are just really up there trying to do good for the guy next to him, not just to be All-American or because we don't want to lose, but because you don't want to upset the guy next to you. All the linemen, Nick [Perry] and Christian [Tupou] and [Devon Kennard] and George [Uko] and Wes [Horton]. Everybody is giving their all, so I gotta give my all too. We're like the front line in war.

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