Carswell Comments on Life after USC

Fox Sports/'s Whitney Blaine caught up with USC senior receiver Brandon Carswell as he prepares to leave the university and focus solely on football.

Q: Hey Brandon, when are you finished with school?
A: I'll be done after Thursday, my last final.

Q: So what are your plans from now until the combine?
A: Training. I got to find an agent and find a training facility.

Q: Have you been talking to other players going through this transition too?
A: Yeah we kind of share what we're leaning towards [as far as agent and facilities] but not really too much information between us. Everybody doesn't really know. We're asking the coaches for help…They'll help us in anyway possible and are looking at people for us.

Q: Do you have a timetable for when you want to get those things figured out?
A: By the end of the month, definitely.

Q: Is this period just about getting people to know you?
A: That's basically what it is. You try and get as many coaches to lobby for me to get into All-Star games, I got invited to one so that's good.

Q: What's All-Star game did you get invited to?
A: The NFLPA game. I think coaches come to the practices…it's at the Home Depot Center.

Q: Did you talk to any former USC players about how they went through the process?
A: I talked to a couple of them, just asked where I should train and stuff. They all just gave me their advice.

Q: Your cousin, Austin Pettis, obviously went through that system. Were you able to pick his brain a bit?
A: As far as right now he's just saying work hard and stuff like that, he's concentrating on his football. So i'm trying not to bug him.

Q: What's it going to be like without having to go to class?
A: It's definitely going to be weird but I think this is the time everybody is waiting for, when they can just focus on football. I'm kind of excited i don't have to wake up early.

Q: What's the most exciting thing about these next few months?
A: Being able to showcase myself. I can't wait to train and get to that day where I can finally run routes in front of people.

Q: There's a lot of receivers, and unless you're a Biletnikoff winner or school's leading catcher, it's hard to be recognized. How do you separate yourself?
A: My role as being a physical receiver, just going out there and not minding blocking. I will do that and I think that just shows I'll do anything to help a team as well as running routes.

Q: What's a typical non-team workout for you?
A: Running on the track for a little bit and then going in and doing everything, some back, working on my shoulders, pumping my chest up.

Q: What's your weight and what do you want to play at.
A: I'm 6-2 and 195. Somewhere within 195-200.

Q: What are you going to miss most about USC football?
A: The locker room. That's where all friendships are made. That's where you get to talk to your boys. Nothing is censored there. That's where you make a team.

Q: What was different about this season than your previous four?
A: Being the older guy and seeing the talent, noticing it every day was amazing that I got a chance to be here at SC and see these guys play and be a part of this team. And seeing the team go from the sanctions to having a 5-loss season that's kind of unheard of, and then the whole turnaround [this year].

Q: Do you think the talent here has prepared you for the NFL?
A: That's what everybody says. Everybody says the talent is the best [at USC]. We compete against the best everyday at practice and it gets you ready for the next level.

Q: Are you going to miss anything about the academics?
A: In high school I wasn't too good of a student and I saw a major change [in college]. The way people in my classes were so focused it was kind of eye-opening. Being in this type of setting where everyone knows what they want to do, it makes you work harder. Top Stories