Manuel Wright update

I just talked to Manuel and, after receiving an "A" in a spring class, he has now officially qualified with the NCAA and he says he will be a Trojan in the fall.

On Monday he will be going down to USC to fill out his application papers and he will be starting the summer conditioning program with the team the following week.

"I'm anxious," said Wright. "I sat out a whole year. I learned a lot and I guess I matured during that time. As soon as we get the pads on though I feel sorry for the first guy who has to block me because I'm going to be ready to hit.

I went up to campus a few weeks ago and was measured at 6-7, 330. The coaches said they want me at 320. Coach Carlisle wants me to focus on getting in running shape and so I've been running 3-4 times per week lately. He says I have natural strength so they aren't worried about me lifting weights but last year the running was a big adjustment for me. Man, what they do is totally different. We'd be finished doing some running and I'd be like, what, that was just warm-ups? I wasn't used to that.

Right now I'll most likely be at defensive tackle behind Shaun Cody because the only other person they really have there right now is LaJuan Ramsey." Top Stories