Scrimmage notes

Here are some comments from one observer at the Trojans passing scrimmage this week with a local junior college:

"I was very impressed that almost everyone was there, the no-shows included Sultan and Darrell Rideaux. 

Kareem was Kareem and the other team had trouble just touching him after the catch. The cuts he was making after the catch were drawing ooh's and ahhhs from the crowd. He somehow got wide open on a streak, and CP hit him in stride for a TD. It was longest play of the day.  I didn't make the spring practices, but CP looked a lot better than he has in recent times. On the very first play he hit Colbert on a post that would have gone for six, but Keary dropped it. As bad as that looked, Colbert made up for it later when he caught a ball on a corner route in the end zone with a guy all over him.  Colbert played CB at the end of the game and had a pick that he returned for a TD. Sunny Byrd got the ball quite a bit out of the backfield.  Justin Fargas also got one or two balls out of the backfield, but he also lined up at slot/WR, which is where i think he should end up. He looked like a natural at that position and I hope our coaches realize his potential there. His body type is perfect for a WR and he is a fast as ever. He is so smooth when he runs and he was just blowing by guys today. Chris Howard looked solid, but not 100%.  He's wearing a knee brace, but he did look a little bigger than I remember.  Pitts had some nice catches and looked pretty good, but nothing special on the day. Kori Dickerson may be a physical freak, but his hands are going to have to improve if he wants to play TE. He dropped a couple today, but at least we are throwing to the TE. Butler also caught some passes and looked solid.

Marvin Simmons is gonna be a great one. I excpected him to be fast, but his playing style suprised me. On one play, the RB caught a swing pass out of the backfield and Simmons went in pursuit. Marvin then saw a guy perhaps coming up to block him, so instead of getting hit, he bucked this poor guy on his way to make the play.  He is fast, real fast, and he isn't afraid to hit someone. I also liked John Cousins' nasty attitude. He is a lot thicker than I remember and he nearly killed this one guy when he clotheslined him. He was playing some real physical football to say the least.  Overall, I thought the backers played pretty well.  Groots had two picks, Richard had a nice pick and they, along with the rest of our DB's, looked pretty good. We rarely gave up anything deep. " Top Stories