Rivers confirms plans to camp at USC

WeAreSC got a quick update with blue chip linebacker Keith Rivers out of Lake Mary High School (FL), and he confirmed that he will be attending the four-day camp at USC starting June 22nd.

"I'm going to the Florida one-day camp and the SC camp, the four-day one, the 22nd to the 25th," he said. "I'm looking forward to it big time. Just to go out there and see how the camp is, how it is playing under the coaches, having them coach and help me out, and see if I like their coaching style. The last time I was out there was eight years ago, so it's going to be fun. I talk to Coach Kiffin quite often. I call him. It's mainly just touching base, keeping in contact."

With so many options, Rivers noted that he is in no hurry to commit early and that he's keeping his options open, but he also explained that his trip to USC will play a major role in his decision, "I mean, they're all pretty much even as of right now, but it would probably be SC, Florida, Miami, and Oklahoma. USC leads a little bit, but if they're leading, it'll all depend on when I get out there, see if I like it, what the camp is like, if I like the other players that they have around there, and if I like the coaches and everything like that. That's mainly the reason that I'm going, to have more than just one visit out there, to see if I like it."

Rivers mentioned that he is currently 6'3 and 220 lbs and that he is ready to start his off-season conditioning, "Wednesday was the end of spring football. It ended with our Jamboree game. We played Winter Springs. I had three forced fumbles, and I don't know how many tackles. We don't have stat sheets because it's only a half. I'm just getting ready on Monday to start working out and running and everything like that."

We'll have a complete update with Rivers following the camp at USC.

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