Byers discusses USC visit

The top player we've seen on film this year is Loveland (Colo.) offensive lineman Jeff Byers. He's also one of the most media savvy and knows what to say and what not to say concerning his favorites. Byers took unofficial visits to USC and UCLA this past week and gave his thoughts on both as well as the rest of his summer plans.

Byers, 6-4, 270 pounds is an incredible lineman who at least five top 25 programs have told us is the best offensive lineman they've ever recruited. He plays center in high school but could play anywhere on the offensive line in college and has the talent to see action right away.

The lineman has already done some serious traveling and has taken unofficial visits to Stanford, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Colorado State. He spent all day Thursday at USC and all day Friday at UCLA.

"To be honest, I liked both about the same," Byers said. "USC was first and I had a great time. They have a great school, I like the coaching staff a lot and it was cool hanging out with some of the players. I got to meet Coach Davis (OL coach) and talk with him about how I would fit in. I also talked with Coach Carroll a lot and got a good feel for the program there.

"They took me to the Coliseum and showed me a real nice time. They play good football at USC and I'm definitely considering them.

"UCLA was very similar. They have a new staff in there that is energetic and you can tell the players on the team really respect Coach Dorrell and the rest of the coaches, same thing with Coach Carroll at USC. Again, I toured the campus, saw the football facilities, toured the Business department and met with the academic advisers. I spent about seven hours at both schools and things went really well.

"I would say the two were equal in everything and I really had a great time at both places. This is my first time in Southern California and I'm enjoying it. It hasn't been super sunny but I'm having a good time hanging out at the beach, that's something I couldn't do back home."

Byers is still not close to being finished taking his unofficial trips as he'll head to Notre Dame, Michigan and Ohio State later this month.

"I'm taking these unofficial trips to help me decide what schools I should take my official visits to," Byers said. "I might not need to take an official visit to a school I've already visited but that doesn't mean they're not still high on my list, just means I want to check out a new school.

"At the end of the summer after I'm done with all my visits, I'll sit back and narrow things down a bit. Right now, every place I've been to has been great and no school has an edge over any other. I can't really say one school has stood out, they've all be great and I like everyone the same.

"I'm not in any rush to make my decision. This is a huge decision for me so I just want to take the rest of these trips and when I'm ready and know for sure what I want to do, that's when I'll make my decision." Top Stories