Pete Carroll Nor Cal dinner recap

Well, being a big SC honk like the most of us, I decided to take my father along to the Northern California dinner. He took me to see Buddy Teevens last year, so I had to take him to see Pete Carroll. On the drive over to the dinner, I recollected how much I was against the Pete Carroll hire. When you live and breath SC football, you just cannot stand mediocrity. Boy, I was wrong.

Anyway, I am standing next to Pete with my father and my dad shakes Pete's hand and then after the introductions, proceeds to tell Pete that I was against his hire. Then, my dad said to Pete that I have since then changed 180 degrees. Pete appreciated my father's honesty and preceded to talk to me about the problems he had coming into the Patriot's situation after Parcells. He lost Curtis Martin to free agency and had a bunch of injuries.

Then my father brought up the book on the life of Vince Lombardi. Vince had described the differences between the pros and college. In the pros, Vince feltthat the players were always the best at football since they were 5. The coach didn't need to teach them anything. In college, the coach molds the kids into talent. Pete then told my father that he disagreed with Vince. Pete mentioned that in recruiting, he has a natural advantage. He said that he is better at recruiting than anyone. SC allows him to do this. There is no other place with the advantages that SC has. Anyway, Pete then high fived me and my father and I thanked him for bringing back the fun to SC football.

After dinner, Craig Fertig and Mike Garrett made speeches. There wasn't a dry eye in the place when Craig awarded his award to a 17-year-old legacy of a Trojan who had just passed away. Mike brought up the women's national titles. I wish he had spoken about the basketball arena. Oh, SC had a higher entering freshman GPA than Cal.

Now to Pete. Pete is so confident right now. He introduced Chad Pierson and Justin Fargas. Both are with the Raiders. Then he proceeded to single me out in the audience as one person who he had to win over. He asked the audience where I was. A little embarrassing. Thanks to my father for that one.

Then he showed the video. The best part IMHO is the speeches by Pete at half time. Pete then went into the current team. Cody is doing great. Leinart looks great (I know, I know). The biggest hole was the "Mike" Linebacker and Tatupu has stepped up. 5 assistant coaches were approached by the pros, yet turned them down. Pete mentioned Auburn and a new JC transfer who is a 6'5", 240 running back who has legit speed.

Now to the recruits. Pete could talk about John David Booty, yet couldn't discuss Manual Wright. He said that JD is a little shorter than Carson, yet can throw the ball further. Carson throws the most beautiful ball though. JD will compete this fall.

Draper – fastest of our line recruits.
Radovich – Top OL recruit on our board this year.
Baker – Impressive blocking.
Barrett – Freakish speed. Kept saying that Barrett will play defense.
Rucker – Fast and big.
Williams – on video he hits like a truck, tons of speed.
Turner – still deciding where to put him, LB, DE, FB or running back.
Poole – "it was like we picked up a free agent". We only get Poole for a year, yet he will greatly solidify our depth at db.
Tings – Parents were there at the dinner. Both will contribute on special teams (Pete does know that the special teams are unacceptable and he is working to improve them).
Kileen – Mean, mean streak.
Morrow – Tall Fast.
Fila Moala – Pete LOVES him.
Eric Wright – could play many spots.
Reed – Pete also loves this guy. He was the star of the camp a year ago and will start at free safety.
Thomas – free safety. Perfect size.
Lawrence Jackson – basically recruited other AA's for us.
John Drake is another that Pete really likes. He is huge but is sooooo fast.
Bing is great and will play tailback if the others fail.
One of our big backs will most likely move to fullback.
That's about all that I can remember. Sorry about the stream of thought presentation. Top Stories