Marc Tyler Talks Training for NFL

Recent graduate and USC tailback Marc Tyler talks to SCPlaybook's Whitney Blaine about training, the Shrine Game and this transition phase from being a student athlete into a full fledged professional.

Q: How is your training going?
A: It's good. It's a lot of running and just working on my 40 [yard dash time] and all the drills you have to do. It's hard but I feel like I've been getting stronger. And it's nice just to work with Rhett [Ellison]. Q: Along with Rhett Ellison, who else are you working out with?
A: We train at Proactive in Westlake Village. There's two work out groups there. One is more of a defensive backs/wide receivers group, Marshall Jones is in there. The one I'm in is like linemen and running backs.
(Note: a handful of UCLA players are training at Proactive including Glenn Love and Derrick Coleman among others, according to Tyler.)

Q: What are your workouts like?
A: They're hard, a little fast. Lot of boxing stuff. Mostly guys from the Pac-12 besides are there aside from a guy from New Mexico State one from Clemson. We use more machines and we do a lot more band work. At 'SC I feel like it was good but repetitive. Here we do a variety of stuff because we have more time.

Q: What's your workout schedule like over there?
A: We work out from 8:30-10a.m. on the field and 12-2 p.m. in the weight room. Then we do yoga on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Q: How is yoga treating you?
A: It's more like pilates. It's different. It's hard I didn't think it was going to be that hard but it is. We do a lot of core work and stretching. It's pretty serious. Never done anything like that before, but it's made me more flexible.

Q: You were at the Shrine Game a few weeks ago, how was that?
A: It was fun. It was just like a week of [USC fall] camp but it was good to get out there and talk to all the teams and players I haven't talked to before.

Q: What players impressed you?
A: That linebacker Tank Carter from TCU, a defensive lineman from Missouri. Juicy (DaJohn Harris) was probably the best player on our team he was killing.

Q: Was it fun to be with him during the week?
A: Yeah it was fun to have somebody on your team. It felt good, he got into a lot of arguments with players from the SEC because they feel like they could beat us. I let Juicy do the talking though. But everybody brings shirts from their school and everybody wanted the 'SC stuff.

Q: Marc do you have an agent?
A: Yeah. It just helps you right now because they pay for you to train and where to live and your car. Just to have money that's probably the biggest change is that you actually have money.

Q: Have you talked to anybody about how high you're predicted to go in the draft?
A: I haven't really asked my agent but I went on a draft website it said rounds 4 through 7 but I haven't asked him about it.

Q: What do you think about that ranking
A: I feel like with my ability that I should be higher but I didn't have the numbers and I got into trouble so it makes sense.

Q: How did you let them know you weren't that guy that didn't welcome trouble? A: In all my interviews at the Shrine Game, the teams all asked about that. They all asked me 'have you ever been in trouble?' You just tell them everything and be honest with them. I said I made mistakes and I have never been in trouble in my life and I just had 3 incidents that happened in a row. I learned and grew up from from them.

Q: Interesting, what other questions did they ask?
A: They asked about family, where you're from, how you're raised, a lot of stuff like that.

Q: What advice do you take from your coaches at USC that might help you at the next level?
A: I'm supposed to go by there before I go to the combine, Coach (Polamalu) and I are going to go over stuff on the board. Some teams have me draw my favorite play and block it, that'll be easy. Coach Pola made us learn that.

Q: In general, how has SC helped you?
A: Well we run pretty much a pro offense, so the offense is pretty much the same. The plays at the Shrine game were just different numbers and different names. And we had coaches that coached in the pros. At the Shrine game I pretty much knew everything they said because we went over it in school.

Q: Are you on a special diet
A: It's like no carbs, it's crazy. I feel anorexic.

Q: Whats an example of what you eat?
A: Salads, egg whites, I feel good though.

Have you lost weight?
A: Yeah I've lost like 10 pounds since the Shrine game. I'm at 220 now.

Q: What weight do you want to play at?
A: By the combine I want to be 218, playing in the NFL I want to be anywhere from 220-225.

Q: What separates you from other tailbacks?
A: I pick up the offense quickly, being able to block and catch. Some guys are faster than me but I feel like I get to the hole quick.

Q: Are you excited about the combine and USC proday?
A: Yea I'm excited to be able to be in the best shape and show everybody what i can do and meet all the players.

Q: Thanks for your time Marc. Good luck. Stay off TMZ will you?
A: For sure Whitney. Thanks.

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