Catching Up with Marvin Sanders

SCPlaybook caught up with USC's newest defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders.

SCPlaybook caught up with USC's newest defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders.

Q: How's it been so far, you've been here what, a week?
A: Two weeks. It's been a hustle but I'm excited, I think we've got a great thing going on, I just want to help continue the great tradition here.

Q: It was a quick turnaround (from FAU), were you able to pack your suitcases?
A: I actually had all my clothes in Florida, and I didn't even go back to Florida, so I just had my boxes shipped to me here.

Q: You had the city of L.A. as your recruiting ground back at Nebraska, so you're familiar with the players and schools here?
A: Absolutely. I've had the fortune of being at a couple of great schools, but being at a place like USC when you have so many great athletes right in your backyard, and you have a great product to sell, you just feel like you do have a little excitement when it comes to recruiting.

Q: What does that 'product' mean?
A: It just means you have a lot of high school coaches here that do a tremendous jobs with their programs and that makes our job a lot easier because they're very skilled, they're very knowledgeable of the game and so when you go out to recruit you know you're getting a good product.

Q: You have an insight into Kiffin's recruiting mindset, obviously, because he recruited you here. What are his tools that make him successful in that process?
A: Well first of all he's a very honest man. And he has a vision for where he wants the program to go, and he's very good at selling that vision. I know that selling a vision of USC is not very hard, but at least he's very thorough in what he believes is going to happen with this program and he makes everybody around him very excited about it.

  Q: What were those selling points for you?
A: There were a couple of selling points. A very fruitful recruiting ground, I think that was the point one. And I think USC sells itself when you got, what, 11 or so national champions, 6, 7 Heisman trophies, a lot of the product sells itself. But what he sold me is the vision of where he's going to bring the program to, where he knows it has the possibility of going.

Q: It's still early but in comparing Nebraska to here, obviously both two football powerhouses. But one takes over the city a little bit more, probably. How do you compare the two?
A: Well for one I can go out to have dinner here and nobody knows me, which is always a good thing. But in Lincoln, football is everything because it's the only show in town. No professional sports, no Hollywood, no Kobe Bryant. But you know, no NBA, nothing else to compete with, it's just Nebraska. But here, what's really exciting is that USC football has a big niche. And in a city like this to have a big niche it really shows the tradition and the love that people have for the sport.

Have you done anything exciting yet, while you've been here? Aside from get in the playbook?
A: I drove up looking for a house in the hills, and I was really scared driving up the hill. And I thought no, no there's no way I'm living here. I'm gonna stay on flat ground, I just came from Nebraska. So I haven't found a house yet, but I'm taking my time.

Q: What players have impressed you already? Obviously you have a great group of talented veterans and then a bunch of new guys that are still learning. How do you see that?
A: What I've seen is these guys work tremendously hard, they don't rest on anything. They know they need to improve and they want to improve. They've been working really hard in the two weeks that I've been here and able to work with them. So that's exciting. They've come up and done some extra film study and on their own. You hear the good players do what's required, the great players do what's necessary and these guys are really doing what's necessary to get better.

Q: Looking at Josh Shaw, do you think he's going to play at cornerback?
A: I don't know yet. We still have to look at our depth. It's funny I recruited Josh out of Palmdale a lot time ago it seems like and you know, he has the ability to play safety but also move outside to that corner. So that gives you a little versatility.

Q: If not for Shaw, who do you expect to play at that spot opposite Nickell Robey, is anyone standing out, or is it still too early to tell?
A: It's still too early- but you hope to get help from all those guy, guys like Torin Harris. You've got some young guys that are gonna add some depth at both the corner and safety spot. I'm excited about it.

Q: What do you hope to get from the spring, aside from familiarizing yourself?
A: For me it's getting the guys to have a better understanding of the game of football. I think when you understand how offenses are going to attack you, where your strengths are where your weaknesses are, you tend to play a little faster. So that's my goal coming out of this spring.

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