Spring Week One: Quoteables

Some standout quotes from the Trojans' first week of spring ball.

Some standout quotes from the Trojans' first week of spring ball.

Lane Kiffin on what he told his team before spring break:
"Just reminded them that people are going to screw up around the country, let's not be the ones that do it."

Monte Kiffin on the defense being more experienced this year:
"I just think that being back in the system; Jawanza [Starling] was a first-year starter, [T.J. McDonald] has started a couple years, Nickell [Robey], they're all back. And no doubt about it, we lost Torin Harris, that really hurt us. We had to move Tony [Burnett] to corner and he was a safety, he's back at safety now. And then Anthony Brown got hurt. So we scrambled a bit. Hopefully we have more depth this year."

Matt Barkley on Marqise Lee's potential:
"[He could be] the best ever. I think because of his mentality towards the game. Athletically he's special but we all know that. I think his approach to the game, how unselfish he is and how unsatisfied he is. Even with all he did last year he's still putting in work like he has to earn something. I think a lot of guys can learn from his mentality but I think that will set him apart in the long run."

USC's new linebackers coach Scottie Hazelton on the level of talent at USC:
"It's like Christmas, there's no doubt. You come in and look at the athletes, but then you look at the athletes you're playing against too and say 'well everybody is better,' so it's very relative."

Kiffin on Jesse Scroggins sitting out practice with an injury:
"It doesn't help him. If you miss reps, you miss reps. That's a lot of pocket reps he's missing over that time."

Hazelton on going from coaching an FCS school to a top FBS school:
"When you first take [the job] you might be a little be in aw but now it's one of those things -- you're coaching ball -- so it's a great time."

D.J. Morgan on being overwhelmed last season:
"I had my plays on my mind, just going up to the line and trying to look who to block, a filled stadium, and then on top of that I had my knee so it was like when I was out there, my mind was just going so fast I didn't have time to slow things down."

Cody Kessler on USC's improved defense:
"When you go against the same defense everyday we kind of know what they're going to run we know what they're going to run, so it makes it a little more interesting to beat them, makes it a little harder."

Lane Kiffin on Marqise Lee making a big play at one of the practices:
"The good thing is, I don't know which one you're referring to. He makes a couple of those a day."

Greg Townsend on playing after his redshirt season:
"It's real nice after your redshirt year all you want to do is play. I just want to get on the field and get a lot of reps in. I just feel good."

Dion Bailey to Robert Woods after he sat out Saturday's practice:
"Hey Woody, they can't even think without you out there. You're a one-man offense."

Lane Kiffin on Antwuan Woods' progression:
"A lot has been made about Aundrey Walker losing 60 pounds in 14 months. But Antwaun's lost a lot of weight too. I don't know the number off hand, but he's come a long ways. … Mike Patterson was like that when he first got here and lost all the weight. Hopefully Antwaun will continue to develop."

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