Quoting Kiffin

Quotes from Lane Kiffin, USC's head coach, at Tuesday spring practice.

(Injuries: Buck Allen, Robert Woods, George Farmer, Khaled Holmes, Randall Telfer, Xavier Grimble, Soma Vainuku all out. Cody Temple is out for spring, will be fine by training camp but will undergo ankle surgery soon).

(On Tuesday's practice)
--"Thought the offense did really good job, probably one of their better days comparable to defense. So we'll go back and look at the film. For the second practice in a row, De'Von Flournoy did a number of things. Obviously great to see, you like to see player seize their opportunity."

(On the extent of Temple's injury)
--"They believe he will be full speed for training camp...he had hurt himself earlier [than Saturday] and thought he could make it through then got checked out some more...he was doing well. Strong at the point of attack, had not been over there, we just moved him over there so he hadn't had any practices on the defensive side, kind of a run plugger. Doing well."

(On Marqise Lee's development)
--"Same as before. Could be the best one to ever play here, if he keeps working hard. He does everything. There's not a play he doesn't make. He's as good as they come. Think about what he just did, he won the Long Jump [Saturday] when everybody else is practicing the long jump all week and doing whatever they do for track and he's out here for a 2 and half hour practice and running sprints afterwards."

(On whether there's concern that Lee will be worn out)
--"Not really. He's a really unique individual. For whatever reason there's two of them kind of like that, him and Nickell [Robey]. They can just go forever. Doesn't matter how long practice is, doesn't matter what it is...They're just special like that."

(On whether there's a more clear No. 2 quarterback)
--"No. They both things well and different. So we would not be able to make that decision yet. (timetable?) Not really. If it unfolds itself and somebody creates a separation then we make it but if there's not then there's no reason to right now because we want to continue to develop both of them."

(On Tre Madden fumbling today)
--"Yeah. When you haven't played running back at all in college and you're used to high school and practice. And this is very different by the way the defense goes and how they go after the ball. So unfortunately that happens. It even happens -- look at D.J. [Morgan] when he first got here -- and that's after being a running back his whole career. So it's actually kind of normal."

(On Madden's overall progression)
--"Yeah he continues to flash every day in practice, three, four times. Great forward lean and body control. You rarely see him on the ground. Think about how many times guys throw him around and he stays up. He's a special athlete."

(On whether other players will change to positions of need)
--"Yeah I think we've kind of done that really since we've gotten here, because we've had reduced numbers all along. There's times last year where we're playing 41, 42, 43 players so our numbers we've been dealing with. This is not something new. We've done things like moving Ross Cumming to fullback and he ended up playing a bunch of snaps late in the year for us, as opposed to being a backup linebacker. With Tre Madden, we just moved Aundrey [Walker] from the right to the left. I think because your numbers our down -- it's like the NFL. Our difference is we don't have free agency to go to, to pick people up the waiver wire so we've just got to maximize the situation that we're in."

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