Quoting Kiffin: 3/29 (Thursday) Practice

Quotes from Lane Kiffin at Howard Jones Field on Thursday, Mar. 29.

(Injury Report)
--"McAllister came out and then Junior Pomee came out. Unfortunately we can't seem to keep a tight end healthy, little disappointed the hamstrings taking so long with a bunch of guys we'd really like to be looking at. Problem right now is the offensive skill allows us not to practice the way we would like but we're making the best of it."

(On whether the team will scrimmage Saturday)
--"I don't know. There are so many guys in question. We might just practice just like we did last Saturday instead of doing the scrimmage, tackling with not enough guys to do it really the way we'd like to."

(On more specifics about Junior Pomee)
--"It was his foot and it was the same foot as before but we don't know the severity of it."

(On the middle linebackers Lamar Dawson and Scott Starr)
--"Well I think Lamar is taking the next step, that's normal for going into your second season and we forget these guys really are still true freshmen, all these guys we keep talking about in that class this is their second semester here. We just are still getting comfortable at the position, in our defense, and so it gets better and better. And then Scott obviously still supposed to be in high school, it's very difficult. We've seen how difficult it is for guys after fall camp to play here last year, even in the past, as freshman. Some great ones, that were backing up as freshmen. So it's very tough but Scott's doing a good job."

(On whether Kiffin would be comfortable with Lamar Dawson and Scott Starr at middle linebacker in the fall)
--"Yeah I can't really answer that because I don't know where Scott will be at that point. I'd be plenty comfortable if he's playing well…it'd be no different having Lamar as the backup. As a true freshman Scott will have an extra semester on him so we're not afraid of young guys being inexperienced but are they doing things right with that experience."

(On Marqise Lee learning multiple receiver positions)
--"Yeah Marqise is doing great. We're so hurt and so we move him around so much. He's got to play every position because of Robert and George not being there. But it's good for him. Anytime that you have to play all the spots and we're out here and we really try to wear him out when we get him because we lose him some times. We lose him again, we're going to let him go to Texas this weekend [for track]. So we'll lose him Saturday, again so we try to maximize the practices that he's at."

(In the discussions on Marqise Lee traveling for track or not)
--"Oh really it's between the two of us. He really wanted to do it. He's a good kid. He does really well in school. And so actually the majority of the track team already left and so he stayed so that he could practice and he's going to leave before the meet and then come back. Tony [Burnett] on the other hand, his event is earlier, so he's already gone and he'll fly back after the event on Friday and hopefully be here for Saturday. So both of them just really really wanted to go and they both work pretty hard at it."

(On the decision to make Saturday's scrimmage open to the public)
--"Just the chance to be able to be normal. The sanctions put so much on us as far as, 48 hours in advance, immediate family, these players have a lot of people that want to come see them and never get to see them so we were told we were able to make it open and so we did. It's good for everybody."

(On Barkley not getting as many reps)
--"I don't think he's really antsy. I think at times he gets bored, which is normal because we have so many guys out around him. So I don't think it's so much the lack of reps. I think it's more not having these guys to work with. He wants to go to that next level with guys and so the guys that are there he's working with, getting more comfortable with but hopefully we'll get the rest of these guys back in."

(On challenging Barkley more this year)
--"Yeah we've already put some new things in…it's been good to expose him to those and challenge him to continue to master what he already has learned."

(On the number of interceptions Barkley has had this spring)
--"Yeah he was six coming in so seven now. It is abnormal for him. We had that out of him. Cody Kessler hadn't thrown one so I think part of it's going to be a little bit more, you know he scrambles out and gets frustrated because he doesn't have his normal guys in there and throws the ball downfield so we'll get him back out of it. We don't like it. It's not the end of the world. But as we get closer to gametime we'll get him back to normal."

(On whether Kiffin is more accepting of the interceptions now than earlier in his coaching career)
--"Well listen he can still declare for the supplemental draft so I can't yell at him quite yet. It would in a normal situation. He's already showing he can have phenomenal ball control. The fact he's showing that we know he can do it, so you're not as frustrated as you normally would be with a guy forcing it down the field because you feel also some of his pain because his weapons aren't out here. They won't be bad habits. We'll get him back out of it."

(On Kiffin and Jim Mora living in the same city)
--"It doesn't bother me. Town divided."

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