Quoting Kiffin: Saturday 'Scrimmage'

Quotes from Lane Kiffin at the L.A. Coliseum after one of the Trojans' spring scrimmages.

(Injury Report)
--"Ryan Henderson did not practice, Khaled Holmes, Buck Allen, Soma [Vainuku]. We think Soma will be back Tuesday and Khaled back Tuesday. Xavier Grimble, Randall Telfer, Junior Pomee, George Farmer. So as we get to our last two weeks hopefully we get some of those guys back. Today really wasn't much of a scrimmage, really, with so many guys hurt we just really had extended team period. So we'll go back and look at film."

(On why Kiffin didn't do any playcalling)
--"I had a feeling what the stats would be like so I didn't want them on my resume. No. It's just good at times to let other guys get involved, let Kennedy [Polamalu] and Clay [Helton] call some things today. We had a lot of recruits today here as well so got a chance to spend some time with them."

(Even though it was a small audience, does being under this setting at the Coliseum pump up the team?)
--"Yeah I think our own guys like it. I think with a lot of recruits here too it gives us a chance to have this. For them to be able to see those type of things so it kind of was both of those."

(On what Kiffin looks for the last two weeks of spring)
--"I don't think there's really a big thing [I'm looking for]. Just really continue individual development. Guys like a Tre Madden that have come over and not a lot of experience there, continue to develop them in their roles. So not that many specifics just continue to develop guys individually and different things we can do with them."

(On what Kiffin saw out of the quarterbacks)
--"I thought they did a good job, same thing running the huddle. They seemed very mature when you're around the huddle with them and with the offense so it's good to see."

(On how the left tackle spot is shaping up)
--"Yeah Aundrey [Walker] struggles at times. He's not been a left side player so it's going to take a little bit of time. He's been over there for three weeks now so we'll continue his development. He's got a lot of upside."

(On what traits Walker has that enables him to be successful)
--"He's a great athlete. For a guy that size he can really move well, has a flash at times to show you that he could be a premier player so now he's just got a lot of stuff to put together."

(On whether anyone pleasantly surprised Kiffin today)
--"Cody Skene, the wideout. He was our leading receiver here today. He was the MVP."

(On what happened to Victor Blackwell)
--"Two different things. Something to do with his hand and something to do with his knee. But I don't think nothing big."

(On why Junior Pomee and DeVante Wilson were doing rollovers earlier)
--"Yeah they were late this morning, to the first meeting [at 9am]."

(If you had a game tomorrow, would you be comfortable starting either of the two quarterbacks?)
--"Yeah I'd be very comfortable with both of them. I think they're both doing a great job. Neither of them has gone beyond the other one to know who the number two is yet but I think both of them would play really well."

(Any update on Torin Harris?)
--"Yeah he's getting better. They're seeing more movement in that shoulder, the nerves are firing. He couldn't play today obviously but it was positive that he is getting better and that he should be back by camp."

(On whether Kiffin ended the scrimmage early because of the rain)
--"No we weren't going to stay out here that long, with the team period and there were so many injuries and so few guys. We want to make sure we're getting out here healthy as well as developing our guys. "

(On where Torin Harris is in the cornerback pecking order)
--"It will be wide open. Torin was playing great, he was playing really well right before he got hurt so it'll be exciting to have him back."

(On how Tre Madden has been doing)
--"He continues to look good. All the skills are there, he dropped a couple balls but he has really good hands and we're excited about him."

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