Quoting Kiffin: Tuesday (4/3) Practice

Quotes from Lane Kiffin at Howard Jones Field after Tuesday's spring practice.

(Injury Report)
--"dental issue that came up this morning that didn't allow him to practice. Junior Pomee still not back, had another X-ray this morning and so they're still looking at that. Buck Allen is still not back and the rest of the guys did something in some form. George Farmer, Randall Telfer, Xavier Grimble and Soma Vainuku did most of the stuff and Khaled [Holmes] was back. So it's good to have some guys back, we're still down on our receivers which is why we tried to help our quarterbacks out today by bringing back Patrick [Turner] and Damian [Williams] which was good to see and just another example of Trojan players helping each other out and we need some help. So it was good to have those guys out here."

(On how much Williams/Turner did)
--"They did individual and did all the stuff with the quarterbacks."

(On the latest with Junior Pomee)
--"It's not a break. They just have to be safe and reexamine it and have somebody else look at it but it's not a break."

(On whether Kiffin was on board with some of the players' trip to Haiti)
--"Yeah, pretty neat. Obviously headed up by Matt [Barkley], having done things like this before but it's good to see the rest of the guys want to get involved for a great cause."

(On where Jesse Scroggins was Tuesday)
--"As we come down to the wire [with] academics here, the importance of how well he finishes. So he's coming to our meetings but because he can't do all the stuff in practice we're leaving him in academics during practice to get some extra work."

(On whether Scroggins is in danger of being ineligible)
--"Yeah but you have a number of kids like that every semester. So they have to finish strong."

(On what Scroggins can't do physically)
--"Yeah he just can't do all the movements with his hip and really drive everything and be able to move around in the pocket. So none of that will matter if he doesn't finish up academically. So it was more important for him to be there."

(On where Drew McAllister was Tuesday)
--"Drew practiced and then on special teams his hip started bothering him so they pulled him out."

(On what stood out from the scrimmage after Kiffin watched film)
--"Not really. Once again it's so hard to evaluate with so few skilled players on offense. Especially at the tight end position. It's one thing not to have them a series but to not have a tight end, it's hard to evaluate your defense and your offense."

(On whether Antwaun Woods is stepping up)
--"Well the two noses in J.R. [Tavai] and Antwaun [Woods] played really well and did some things. Antwaun has really improved a lot. So that's good for those guys and J.R. a little later played 3-technique, he did well. So the size issue with J.R. is not showing up…need more guys on our defensive line and that's been obvious in our 4th quarter defense and in general playing guys, especially up front."

(On Demetrius Wright getting some reps with the first team)
--"Yeah Demetrius has really flashed throughout spring. He was the MVP of the day today, really dominated special teams drills early on too. He's becoming more consistent and I think he's really taking to the new coaching, too."

(On how moving Devon Kennard to middle linebacker set back his development)
--"I don't know. That's hard to tell because he was an outside linebacker initially then in the middle then defensive end so there's no way to tell what that did. But he's improved, a lot like guys do their last year for whatever reason guys their senior year play better and you can see that improvement and he's the healthiest he's been."

(On whether Kiffin is going to be more patient with ball security for his running backs)
--"I don't know. Hopefully we won't have to worry about that if they don't fumble. I have no idea who is going to be there, who is going to be healthy, that's so far away. How well do they develop?"

(On whether Kiffin is as comfortable with the running backs core as he is the quarterbacks core, as he said on Saturday)
--"I think it's different because they're so different in what they do. But I think all three are doing well and unfortunately the fourth one in Buck hasn't been healthy for us to be able to evaluate but I think those three guys are doing extremely well."

(On Jawanza Starling )
--"You know Jawanza' main issue coming out of two seasons ago, our first year here, was tackling consistency and playing lower. And he's improved, much like the whole secondary has improved and I think a lot of that has to do with Marvin [Sanders] being here and doing a really good job with those guys and you can see their individual development on and off the field."

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