Trojan football camp - Day one

The first day of the Pete Carroll Trojan football camp got underway this morning with a sold out crowd of over 300 campers in attendance. The athletes gathered in the stands at Loker track stadium for a welcoming speech from Coach Carroll and a few assistant coaches before being divided up into groups to begin testing and drills. Click below for a recap of who caught our eye in this opening session:

Keith Rivers (LB) Lake St Mary's HS, FL
There's been a lot of buzz about Rivers and the fact that he's attending this camp and he didn't disappoint. He's a solid 6-3 with a cut upper body that separates him from most high school players. Keith has athleticism, runs well and is a yes-sir, no-sir player on the field. In short, he's the complete package as a linebacker. We caught up with Keith after the opening day to get his thoughts:
"We worked on coverages today as well as on tackling drills. It's been a pretty good camp so far, a lot of good players and the coaches are real good. I'm here to get coached by the coaches and to see how I like them coaching me. So far I like it, Coach Holt is a great coach and he's been teaching me a lot. Coach Carroll, he gets after it too, he's a fired up guy."

Benjamin Alexander (RB) Leuzinger HS
A thicker Darryl Poston, Benjamin has a similar frame to the Trojan running back who's career was cut short by a back injury and he also possesses similar speed (he posted one of the fastest 40 times of the day.)

Lawrence Miles (DL) La Quinta HS
A very quick defensive end who looked good in drills and in one-on-one blocking situations. He has been rising on the USC wish list recently and his performance today will only enhance that climb.

Jimmy Miller (TE/DE) Westlake HS
A versatile athlete with size, Miller spent the majority of time today at tight end and showed solid hands with his nice frame. His performance resulted in a scholarship offer from the Trojans.

Ryan Wendall (OL) Diamond Bar HS
Ryan played center during drills and more than held his own against guys like Lawrence Miles and Rodney Picou.

Rodney Picou (OL/DL) Canyon Springs HS
A name to remember for Trojan recruiting fans. Rodney is only heading into his junior year but the longtime Trojan fan, he's been coming to USC camps for years, is a 6-5, 295 star in the making.

Marty Tadman (DB) Mission Viejo HS
An excellent athlete who plays for a winning program.

Marlon Lucky (RB) North Hollywood HS
Another player who will only be a junior next year, Lucky has size and speed as a runner. He put up good numbers last year on the field and should be highly recruited for the class of 2005.

McKenna "Bear" Pascoe (QB/DE) Granite Hills HS
One look at this big man tells you he's made for the DL but he also plays QB and has a tremendous arm. Bear played DL at the camp despite the fact that he hadn't played the position before and it was obvious that the guy can play football.

David Gettis (WR) Dorsey HS
The state champ in the 400 as a soph earlier this month, Gettis has a long stride and appears to be more than just a track guy who can play football.

Matt Kopa (OL) Elk Grove HS
Another member of the class of 2005, Kopa has a tremendous frame to add weight and be a talented lineman.

John Connor (LB) Colorado
Tested very well in drills.

Jordan Munde (FB) Peninsula HS
Good all-around football player who could get a look as a fullback.

Patrick Fuller (RB) Charter Oak HS
Fuller has speed as a running back and will be one to watch in the fall.

RB Stowers and LB Merrill were also solid and we'll get more info on them tomorrow. Top Stories