Barkley, Teammates Will Travel to Haiti

Matt Barkley and his family are spearheading a trip to Haiti, where he and 14 teammates will deliver supplies and build homes to Haitians recovering from the earthquake that struck the country in 2010.

Summer will soon begin for thousands of college students across the country. But as many look forward to being relieved from their school work for a few months, 15 USC football players are getting ready to begin work, in another country.

On May 14, this small group of student-athletes will travel to Haiti and live there for five days while they help build at least three homes and deliver supplies to Haitians.

"I think just serving together brings you closer to guys even more than you thought you did and it's just an opportunity for them to see, and for me to see a part of the world I haven't seen and to see plight and people who have nothing," Barkley, whose family is leading the effort, said.

The top-ranked preseason Trojans will leave the hype of Hollywood and Southern California and see a side of the world that many have only heard about, but never seen.

"It's going to be good for us to see that and gives us perspective," Barkley said.

"Most of us haven't been out of the country and just [will be an] opportunity for us to help some other people," senior Devon Kennard said.

Players will work with Hope Force International, a non-profit Christian organization to aid the Sous Savanne community, according to the university's blog. The region was terribly affected by the 2010 earthquake that demolished major parts of the country.

"Most of us are Christians and just to have the opportunity to serve others, and then we're going to get a lot from the experience as well."

In addition to Barkley and Kennard, the list of volunteers includes T.J. McDonald, Khaled Holmes, Robert Woods, Nickell Robey, Hayes Pullard, Kevin Greene, Kyle Negrete, Cody Kessler, Max Wittek, Josh Shaw, Cyrus Hobbi, Scott Starr and Luke Freeman.

Head coach Lane Kiffin is proud of his players and believes it will be a productive trip for them.

"Yeah it's pretty neat. Obviously headed up by Matt, having done things like this before but it's good to see the rest of the guys want to get involved for a great cause," he said.

The logistics of the trip are still being planned. Kennard said he has yet to get his passport but is in the process of doing so, along with teammates. And Barkley said the sleeping arrangements have not been solidified yet, either.

We're sleeping "three to a twin bed," Barkley joked.

"I don't know what it looks like just yet, we're still in the process…I think we're in a structure."

Wherever they put their head down at night, this group of Trojans will likely sleep well knowing the help they are providing and the good they will be doing.

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