Quoting Kiffin: Thursday (4/5) Practice

Quotes from USC head coach Lane Kiffin after the Trojans' Thursday (4/5) spring practice.

(Injury Report)
--"Okay Drew McAllister did not practice with a hip, T.J. McDonald was limited, I know it was hard to tell but he battled. Buck still out for the most part, he did some things. Junior Pomee out but is expected to practice Saturday. Randall [Telfer] tried to go but he hurt his hamstring. Xavier [Grimble] did the most that he's done since week one so that was good. During practice Dallas Kelley, Marquis Simmons and Tre Madden all came out with injuries. Don't know much more on those."

--"The defense did a good job today going after the ball. (The offense) had conditioning for two interceptions. It was good to see them go after it. Hopefully they can do that everyday without having to have a reward just the mentality of going to get the ball."

(On whether Madden falling without contact brings more concern)
--"Yeah I think there's concern with knees anytime guys can't walk afterward. We'll find out."

(On moving Tony Burnett to linebacker)
--"After seeing the success of what Dion (Bailey) has done there in the move from safety to there and because of the game changing, and then moving Tre (Madden) -- who was backup there-- over to offense. We just really looked at our roster and it was one of those moves with the reductions of less players that we got to investigate. So we'll see how it looks the rest of spring. It looks good so far because he's fast. He's actually bigger and stronger than Dion (Bailey) is so hopefully it will work."

(On whether the high number of takeaways causes worry about the offense)
--"Yeah we are. I think anytime that you're really good at something on one side, we limited interceptions last year with seven and then not that many on defense as you'd like, you kind of root for that side as a head coach as you go into spring and fall. And obviously if your concern is the other way then you root that way, so it's good to see."

(On whether Kiffin is experimenting with the defense)
--"I think spring is better to experiment than fall. So we started playing really well in our base stuff last year, we're very multiple. Really after year one we decided to limit our defensive calls so our players could play really fast. And with so many guys returning and to have those things down, means we continue to get better at those things but (can) start adding things."

(On how the offensive line is looking)
--"When Khaled is in there he's played really well. Abe has done good at center. The two guards are playing really well, they've really improved from a year ago, as they go into their second year starting. The tackles are a work in progress. We still got to prove there. We're actually playing better inside than outside which is very unusual over the years here. We've been blessed with phenomenal tackle play over the years…so we need our tackle play to improve."

(On whether Aundrey Walker will stay at left tackle)
--"Yes…he just fits better over there. His length and his size, when you look at left tackles that's what they look like. So hopefully we can work through, he get used to it over there and playing better over there."

(On whether Walker would start at left tackle if there was a game tomorrow)

(On whether the left tackle competition will be reopened in the fall)
--"That I don't know. We'll look at the whole spring after the 15th practice and put it all together in the cutups and look at it. It's looking that direction because Kevin (Graf) played better, too. Thinking where he started 12 games at, he played better. So there's two side to it."

(On the parts of the John McKay center that Kiffin was involved in)
--"Really they would run things by me at times. But when Pat (Haden) got here and turned it over to Mark (Jackson) and Mark really did a good job at getting information. Mark flew around the country and looked at all the best places. They would come up with ideas and who they hired has done a good job too to give us certain ideas and they run them by me but really I haven't had to do much because between Mark's ideas from going around to all the places to Pat making sure everything was done first class. A lot of times he'd say I don't want to do this again, so regardless of price let's do it right. So as you guys saw there's not much we want to change."

(On Kiffin's favorite part of the building)
--"I like that everything is there for the guys, for our current players and then the number one thing in recruiting. As you can see it's about recruiting. Saw that in basketball the other night. You get really good players. So now that we have this, walking through it already. It's already helped in recruiting the last class that signed and this class that we're getting started on now and it's not even done yet so it'll be a great impact for us. Because it really gets rid of the negative, the one negative that we have was our facilities. We were a long ways behind. And so to not just catch up but pass other people is really big. And our players -- we have our players lounge -- it's going to make a more comfortable environment there for our players."

(On Townsend moving back to defensive end)
--"Yeah it was one of those things with all those experiments that we were doing we decided to get him outside after moving him inside. We decided we're going to leave him outside and not move him too much and he's getting better each practice. He's getting more used to it."

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